Planting a bottle in your pots is the effective solution to the biggest problem for plants

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Anticipate your departure to preserve the well-being of your plants while you are away. To spend your vacation in complete peace, discover a tip to keep it without worrying about the green environment.

What’s the trick to taking care of your plants while you’re away?


Plant. Source: spm

To maintain your plants during your vacation, this simple and effective tip will be very helpful. You can leave without problems and Without incurring additional expenses To maintain your plants. This amazing trick will allow you to feed your plants naturally while saving water.

Watering the plant with a bottle

Water the plant with a bottle. Source: spm

  • Water your plants with a bottle

If you are on the go regularly, this tip will come in very handy for you. With the latter, you can create a drip irrigation system. This method is perfect to save water and wet the plants gradually.

You can water your plant with it Glass bottle and ensures perfect watering when Medium sized plant pot. To do this, make a hole in the metal cap of the bottle with a nail and a hammer. (Put it on a hard surface and poke holes inside). Then fill the bottle with water and close the cap. Insert the bottle upside down into the soil from the end with the cap and your plant will be watered thanks to the drip system.

You can also use plastic bottle. Pierce the cap with the screw and fill the bottle with water. Then drill several holes in the bottom of the bottle and turn it upside down, placing the neck in your plants soil. For optimal watering, you can use a dowel to hold the bottle.

To better anticipate your departure, test this technique first before going on vacation or traveling to check if the irrigation is working well. You need to know if the water flow matches the needs of your plants.

Watering plants with bottles

Water the plants with bottles. Source: spm

Discover other tips for watering your plants while you’re away

To conserve your plants while you are away, follow these different tips to preserve them when you are on vacation.

  • Choose good flower pots for your plants

for good maintain your plants, You can choose permeable flower pots that allow water to drain. You can also choose Pots with water tanks Built in double bottom. The pots consist of scales with which you can visualize how much water is left.

  • Put clay pebbles at the bottom of the pots for your plants

Clay pebbles allow you to do that Store water and allow the roots to stay moist over a very long time. These balls are very useful when placed in the bottom of your plant pot. Especially because it brings minerals to your plants, too.

  • Use wool soaked for your plants

This trick is very useful for your indoor plants. Place a container filled with water on top of your plants. For example, put the container on a chair and place your plants on the floor. Use yarn to tie it from the container to your plants. Through the phenomenon of capillaries, your plants will receive a regular supply of water.

Even if it is not always easy to maintain your plants, there are several tips that can help you provide their necessary water needs despite the long absence.

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