Is it possible to wash towels and bed linen together? Not everyone knows

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We often wonder if we can mix towels and sheets in the washing machine? It’s actually a dilemma… Both belong to the household linens category and one can wash them together. Especially since it will save us time and avoid doubling the machines. However, you shouldn’t do this, we explain why.

Can towels and bedding be washed together in the washing machine?

To maintain its cleanliness, softness, and durability over time, every type of towel and bedding requires regular and proper cleaning. This maintenance requires care and some simple principles. Here’s how to avoid some common mistakes.

Do not mix towels and bedding

laundry bacteria

Laundry bacteria – Source: spm

The first reason is simply healthy. Sheets and towels do not use the same, and therefore do not introduce the same type of dirt. Towels used after a shower, upon direct contact with the body, will show traces of moisture, some odors, and sometimes even germs and bacteria, and can be real nests for microbes.

As for sheets, we use them for up to 8 hours a night, and while we sleep we sweat and lose body fluids, hair and dead skin. So they get dirty quickly, not to mention dust mites that can also be present in bedding.

The second reason is technical: Towels and bedding are not made of the same fibers and therefore cannot be washed using the same washer program for reasons of temperature, spin and drying. Mixing different materials may damage your laundry.

To clean and keep linen as it should be, it is best to wash each side on its side with the appropriate methods. Find out how to do it.

Some tips for long-term care of towels and upholstery

Above all, keep in mind that nothing can replace high-quality linen. When buying towels and sheets, choose natural fibers such as cotton or linen. Linen will be more pleasant to use, easier to maintain, and will have a longer life.

Here are some basic tips for washing:

1- Do not overload the suitLaundry needs room to wash and rinse well.

2- Choose a good cleanser : It is preferable to use liquid and environmental detergents over chemical detergents. The same for fabric softeners, which you can substitute in the tray with two tablespoons of white vinegar or baking soda, which are natural fabric softeners and neutralize limescale in water. Besides, feel free to make your own homemade products.

3- No need to wash too hot-To protect the laundry and the environment. It is best to add purifying white vinegar, anti-odor baking soda, or a few drops of tea essential oil as a natural disinfectant before washing. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate washing program.

Soft and scented bath linens

Soft and scented bath linens – Source: spm

For cotton bath linen, activate the “Cotton” mode and set a temperature of 40 ° C for colored fabrics and up to 60 ° C for white. For towels made of linen or synthetic fibers, the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, as they can be damaged. It is preferable to dry gently or insert laundry balls into the drum to restore the fabric’s elasticity.

To properly wash bedding, choose the most appropriate program and temperature for washing. Look carefully at the labels before use. For cotton bedding, it is best to wash between 40°C for colored textiles and 60°C for white. For synthetic fibers or linen, do not exceed 40 ° C. For fragile items such as satin or silk, choose a delicate wash program at a low temperature not exceeding 30°C.

In addition, outdoor bed linens are best hung upside down so that they maintain their shine and freshness. However, if you are using a dryer, prefer to dry it at a lower temperature to avoid damaging the fibers and colors.

Dry leaves in the open air

Leaves drying outdoors – Source: spm

4- Your laundry smells naturally With a few drops of essential oils in the washing machine or with small sachets of lavender in the cupboards.

However, do not forget that maintaining your machine is also essential to the cleanliness and freshness of your laundry.

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