How to warm the house in the winter almost for free with the trick of the candle?

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with The cost of living is relatively highmany people are already starting to wonder how to succeed in it Covering the cost of rent, food, transportation… and with goodness Huge electric billThings get more complicated. Fortunately, we have the solution to reduce your expenses!

Heating without power, is this possible?

Not everyone has Possibilities To pay a very high energy bill Some seek Instrument To heat one or two rooms without spending a lot.

high electric bill

High electricity bill. Source: spm

  • Extra warmth in clay and tealights

As you see tik tokYou may have already seen Videos showing how to warm a room using clay flower pots, a metal or clay container and some small candles. Maybe you’re skeptical looking at them… and wondering if it could really work? The answer is yes, it is totally possible!

what do you need:

  • 2 clay flower pots, one smaller than the other.
  • A clay dish or a metal bowl such as a baking mold or cake mold
  • 4 small candles
  • substrate

How to proceed:

  • Place the clay plate or cake pan on the stand.
  • Light 4 candles and place them in the middle of the bowl.
  • Place the small clay flower pot upside down on top.
  • Cover everything with a large pot (it can also be placed upside down).

please note : If necessary, arrange a few bricks around the mold so that the pots are raised above the ground.

Extra warmth in clay and tealights

Extra warm in clay and tea light candles. Source: spm

How it works ?

This auxiliary heater running on current convection. In other words, Small crock pot is heated with candles. And since the candles release very light hot particles, they rise to the cooler surface, which Air warms up between pots. Eventually, this hot air is evacuated through the large pot hole, making it possible Heating your room or small apartment.

Illustration of the backup heater

Illustration of the backup heater. Source: spm

Precautions to be taken with the extra heater

  • Watch out for the candles And do not forget that when burned for a long time, it forms flammable gas World Health Organization It consumes oxygen in the air. So tryOpen the door or window In order to avoid any choking hazard.
  • Choose quality, non-toxic candles. Candles made from synthetic products are dangerous to health. Prefer a candle made with organic vegetable wax, with a natural scent and a cotton or linen wick, and avoid metal-backed wicks.
  • Watch your children and pets So that they do not get close to the pots and keep them as far away as possible, because they risk getting burned.
  • Do not go to bed with candles burning.. This represents a fire risk. Be very careful with the flame!
A child touches a lit candle

A child touches a burning candle. Source: spm

Here’s a video explaining how to heat your clay, step by step:

Now you have in your hands a very practical and economical advice for making an additional heater. You can imagine how much heat it gives off! This allows you to generate enough heat to heat a small room or studio. Thus, you will easily save about thirty euros (or even more) on your energy bill.

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