How to open a spiral jar easily? : No special tools required

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Sometimes opening a jar of jam, honey, canned apricots in syrup, tomato cole, or a glass jar of pickles causes redness of the hands. When we lack strength, we tend to look for something that can facilitate the opening of fate. No need to sabotage yourself to find this revolutionary thing. It only takes a few cents of a euro or simply to pick it up at home.

How to open the screw cap of the jar easily?

open a jar

Open a jar. Source: spm

Instead of constantly buying appliances whose benefits are promoted while telemarketing in the morning, opt for simple, quick and effective solutions.

To do this, use a rubber glove, like the medical gloves that doctors or nurses use. The rubber will prevent your hand from slipping on the smooth surface of the cover. This will allow you to open the jars quickly and safely without the risk of damaging the lids.

This way, you can recycle and sterilize clear glass jars and use them as a candy jar, canned fruits and vegetables, or a container for foie gras at Christmas.

How to open a glass container effortlessly?

Cellophane to unscrew the lid of the jar

Your cabinets are full of useful utensils. Surely there is a roll of cellophane lying around. Make good use of it, cut a piece, put it on the lid of the jar and twist to loosen it. The lid must be tightly attached to the pot!

The adhesive to loosen the lids of your glass containers

Masking tape can be useful for opening jars. To do this, cut a piece of adhesive and put it on the side of the lid. All you have to do next is make a circular gesture so that the jar is opened without difficulty. The adhesive will act as a rubber seal and will make it easier to open the glass jar.

Rags to open the lid of the small glass jar

If you are a fan of zero waste, cellophane, rubber gloves or any other alternative including petroleum derivatives should be avoided. However, a clean tea towel may do the trick. Just put it on the cap and twist to loosen it.

Cutlery for unscrewing the lid of the jar

glass jars

glass jars; Source: spm

To open a glass container, it is sometimes enough to let air in. To do this, take a knife or a teaspoon to put it between the lid and the bowl and lift it in different places. You will see that, as if by magic, your glass jar will open without difficulty.

Glass containers multiply in your home and you don’t know what to do with them? Give them a second life by recycling them to store spices, spices, aromatic herbs as well as other bulk-bought food items. You can also make vine, pear, apricot or strawberry jam. It can also be used as a terrarium for your child’s natural science lessons.

Before you can store your preparations like rillette or jam, don’t forget to sterilize the jars in a bain-marie or using a casserole dish. This will prevent the spread of microorganisms and mold.

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