Why does your cat like to hide? This is surprising!

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Now, how many times have you found your cat hiding in your closet or wardrobe? It would be boring to list them! In fact, there are very specific reasons behind this seemingly mysterious behavior. Find out why your cat behaves this way!

Why is your cat hiding in your closet?

Due to their complex nature, cats can be both predators and prey. That’s why these macarons exist usually To hide ! So it is a matter of instinct. Cats try to avoid falling prey to large carnivores.

According to the president of the International Cat Associations (TICA), Vicki Jo Harrison, there are reasons why cats want to hide. They have a vital need to feel safe, free and above all to protect themselves from potentially dangerous and stressful situations. They would rather run and hide than fight. This is also how cats think about staving off any potential danger that might occur while they sleep.

If your cat suddenly preferred to hide, this means that she was afraid and wants to calm down. To ensure its survival, the cat knows how to perfectly adapt to many environments. In addition, cats hiding in coat closets will actually want to de-stress. These places are usually warm and dark and therefore harmless.

However, the cat can simply search for a sanctuary to rest in peace, especially if it shares the house with other pets or small children, the expert explains.

A cat coming out of the closet

A cat coming out of a closet – Source: spm

My cat is hiding in my closet: is she sick?

Cats sometimes hide in lockers or other dark places when they are sick. If your pet tends to hide for long periods of time, we recommend that you take him to a vet to make sure he is healthy.

A cat’s habit of hiding is completely normal. Sometimes it can become confusing for your pet and even cause anxiety. If your cat loses its appetite or is isolated, it is highly recommended to consult a veterinarian. On the other hand, if the cat in the closet begins to meow, it means that she is not feeling well.

Cat hiding in wardrobe

A cat hiding in a wardrobe – Source: spm

Change in your cat’s behavior: signs you should take it seriously!

Cats are inclusive when it comes to their grooming habits. They can spend up to half of their day cleaning themselves. changes in Their habits are another troubling sign that owners should watch out for. Excessive drowsiness, poor hygiene, a dirty or greasy coat, or hair loss are signs that may indicate an underlying health problem, anxiety, or emotional stress.

Cats are over groomed if they also have an allergy to fleas, dry skin, or some neurological condition. Cats with underlying health conditions may stop grooming altogether or drastically reduce the time they spend on grooming.

Additionally, cats who are obese or overweight may have difficulty brushing certain parts of their body, causing their coat to tangle. These cats are prone to problems with anal glands and urinary tract infections. In fact, cleaning themselves carefully after doing their business becomes a delicate matter for them. Finally, older cats may stop grooming due to arthritis or dental disease.

As you understand, any change in your cat’s normal behavior should be taken very seriously!

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