What to do to the cooler in September to save on winter bills

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How do you clean the radiator? What components and tools should be used? Check out our tips for getting your cooler up and running for the toughest months of the year!

Clean the cooler in this simple and practical way!


radiator. Source: spm

To clean the radiator inside and out, start by dusting it with a microfiber cloth. To clean hard-to-reach corners, use a clean rag or sock. Put a spoonful of the latter and clean the hard-to-clean places. To restore shine to yellowed coolant, soak a rag in white vinegar and scrub the surface of the coolant. Note that baking soda, dishwashing liquid, hydrogen peroxide, or clay stone can also do the trick to restore shine to your radiator.

In addition, it is recommended that your coolant bleed. For this, you will need pliers if the cooler is old and a container. Open the trap and allow the water to flow into the tank after the air has been evacuated.

Clean the cooler

Clean the cooler. Source: spm

Do I have to go through a preparation phase before cleaning the radiator?

before cleaning, Turn off the heater and make sure it is completely cool. To protect your walls from splashing dirty water, you can tape flat cardboard boxes to the wall with painter’s tape. These cardboard boxes should be placed directly behind the cooler to act as “shields”.

If your radiator is covered in dust inside, consider covering nearby furniture with plastic or aluminum foil.

Finally, check under the radiator for any hidden objects, then vacuum up. Then place a towel under and around the radiator. This way you can catch falling debris as well as flowing water.

How often should I clean my radiators?

Before turning on the heater for the first time in the winter, we recommend cleaning it once a year. If you wish, you can clean it from time to time for better hygiene.

Additionally, if you have just acquired or rented a new home and the heaters are dirty, we recommend that you plan a full cleaning before you move in. This way you avoid the amount of dust that can spread during operation and during use.

Cleaning your radiator saves money?

If you’ve ever had an allergy to dust mites or dust, poorly maintained appliances could pose a risk to your health. If, for example, you do not remove the dirt that has accumulated on the radiator, then it will be difficult to breathe the air in your home when the heating is turned on.

In addition, cleaning the radiator will allow you to save money on electric bills! Indeed, the dust accumulating in the radiator will significantly reduce the spread of heat. So the device will need more electricity, which will lead to excessive energy consumption for heating the rooms of your house!

Here we hope this trick will be useful to you before winter comes.

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