The trick to cleaning and shining a stainless steel sink: it will be like new

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Despite its beauty, stainless steel sink is prone to tarnishing when exposed to several factors responsible for causing stubborn stains. We suggest you simply take a look in your kitchen cupboard To restore the luster of stainless steel sinks.

stained basin surface

Stained basin surface – Source: spm

Try these remedies to polish your steel tub to its beautiful modern look

Getting rid of the dirt that accumulates on the steel sink can be an easy task if you use natural and effective ingredients.

stainless steel sink cleaning

Stainless steel sink cleaning – Source: spm

White Vinegar for a Thoroughly Clean and Disinfectant Basin

Let’s start with an ingredient famous for its legendary ability to clean and disinfect surfaces: White vinegar. In this case, the vinegar will not only clean the surface of your steel sink, but it will also polish it, giving it the desired appearance. to do this, Pour some onto a microfiber cloth Then wipe down the sink before rinsing with warm water. Then take another soft cloth to dry in circular motions. The steel surface and walls will soon shine.

Baking soda for a shiny basin

Let’s continue with another truly eco-friendly and popular ingredient. Like white vinegar, baking soda overcomes dark circles on stainless steel in the sink Thanks to the gentle scraping.

Mix water and a little baking soda For a paste to apply directly on the stains Then let the substance act for at least 10 minutes. Rinse and then dry with a clean, soft cloth or paper towel.

Lemon to clean your steel tub

Baking soda and white vinegar aren’t the only stars in eco-cleaning because they’re part of a winning trio whose other ingredient is lemon. Cleanser and degreaser, lemon is indeed a great natural rinse solution that you can use on steel tubs. Add the juice of two lemons to a liter of waterDampen a soft cloth in it and then rub it on the steel tub. All that remains is to pat them dry with a soft, dry cloth and you will have a beautifully polished stainless steel surface.

Lemon and other natural and environmental cleaning ingredients

Lemon and other natural and environmentally friendly cleaning ingredients – Source: spm

Marseille soap to remove rings from your steel tub

You can easily remove streaks from your steel sinks simply by using the gentle cleaning properties of Marseille soap. Fill a bucket with about a pint of water, then add 2 tablespoons of liquid Marseille soap. Soak a soft cloth in it and gently rub it over the sink until the rings are completely gone. Soak a washcloth in lukewarm water, dab it over the areas to be treated and then pat dry with a paper towel. This last step is very important because it prevents more rings from forming.

Olive oil to polish your steel tub

Olive oil is an unparalleled ingredient for polishing stainless steel surfaces. A few drops on a microfiber cloth to rub the surface are enough to restore the luster of your sink. For more efficiency, make circular motions when cleaning As you do in window panes, Then leave it on for a few minutes before wiping with a cloth dampened with vinegar to remove the oil. Dry the surface with a dry cloth and you are done.

You can also use the degreasing properties of flour to make stainless steel shine.

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