Put socks on windshield wipers: all drivers do, and the reason is cool

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Your car’s windshield wipers work hard all winter long to get rid of snow buildup on the windshield. So you should keep it in good working order. How ? Apply this ingenious trick!

Protect your windshield wipers with a simple and effective tip

Do you start the car and realize that the wipers are frozen? Trying to defrost the windshield wipers can be daunting. Also, windshield defroster rarely gets to windshield wipers. How to avoid this daily inconvenience? It’s simple: After you park your car, put an old pair of socks on your windshield wipers. Thus they will be protected from frost and It will work normally!

Windshield wipers on the windshield

Windshield wipers for the windshield. Source: spm

Can I just remove the wipers from the windshield?

yes ! In fact, contrary to what one might think, the fact that the windshield wipers come off the windshield does not wear out the lever springs. In addition, it prevents them from sticking to the windshield when it snows. Thus the rubber brush will be preserved and the windshield cleaning will be easier.

Also, if you forgot to remove your windshield wipers and they are frozen, don’t worry: Just turn on the cold air conditioner and eliminate the frost.

windshield wipers

Windshield wipers. Source: spm

Windshield wipers: what to do before driving

Are there any reflexes to take before getting behind the wheel to keep the windshield wipers working? Here are our tips:

  • Use an ice scraper: Cold and ice can make windshield wipers more fragile and therefore less effective. So use a de-icer to melt the layer of snow and ice and a scraper to wipe your windshield.
  • Don’t forget to scan the rest of your car: Removing snow and ice from your windshield is a good thing. Cleaning the roof and hood is even better! In fact, while driving, snow left on your car may have fallen on the windshield or rear window. This could reduce your vision and therefore pose a danger to you and other road users.
  • Wipe the slots: If the washer fluid nozzles are clogged, spray them with a defroster. You can also use a pin to release it. Also remember to clean the wiper blades.
  • Never use boiling water: You might think that boiling water is good for cleaning windshields and windshield wipers. In fact, if the ambient temperature is too low, the water may freeze on your windshield! This can exacerbate vision problems on the road.

Additionally, when you park your car in addition to taking off the windshield wipers, park them by disabling them to keep them in good working order.

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