From today, these three signs of the zodiac will experience wonderful moments of happiness

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The new moon in Libra invites the signs of the zodiac to reconnect with their connections with others and review their relationships. The planet of love, ruled by Venus, will push some signs of the zodiac to compromise and reconcile with others.

What zodiac signs will be happy starting from September 26th?

unlucky zodiac

Zodiac signs. Source: spm

This Libra New Moon encourages the signs of the zodiac to work through their relationship issues and find a solution. With a Libra, they will find a new balance and harmony in their lives. Thanks to this moon transit, the signs of the zodiac will be able to find stability between their career and personal life. They’ll have to find a way To adapt to others and take a step towards people they can have struggles with. These zodiac signs will be very lucky and will have to trust the process because everything will go as planned.

The scorpion


Scorpio. Source: spm

Scorpio will be pushed to reconnect with people from the past. They will remember the times gone by and all their positive memories should bring them together. They will need to create a new dynamic with the people around them and maintain very deep bonds. It will be a Scorpio need more time for them And they will be in the mood to let them go. They will try to figure out what they are willing to give up to allow the heart to heal. Their passion for making the world a better place will be renewed and the team spirit will be there. Scorpios will have a very interesting period because they will care about them more. They will probably go for a massage and it will improve the quality of sleep. Thus, the inhabitants of this water sign gain self-confidence.

the Bull


Taurus. Source: spm

After a few weeks of distraction, Taurus will be happiest during this period with the new moon in Libra. The last week of September will be very favorable for the inhabitants of this earth sign. You will be calmer and calmer and will slow down the pace a bit. They will also reduce their physical activity and interaction with others. During this session, Taurus will need to be alone to take time for them. They will reduce their social life for a while in order to rest. This period will allow them to review and adjust their goals for this new period.


Cancer horoscope sign

Cancer. Source: spm

Cancer patients will also take time to rest during the last week of September. They will be encouraged To express their feelings and feelings to others. They will use their words to tell their story and write apologies to the people around them they have had struggles with. They will want to make a small cocoon at home to feel more comfortable and be happier. They will be able to find a balance between work, personal and professional life. Cancer may meet someone they may want to live with. They also indulge in more creative and spiritual activities and have a very happy time.

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