Best hair colors for green eyes

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Despite the assumption that only 2% of people have green eyes and green is considered a rare eye color, many of our readers are wondering which hair color is best for green eyes.

What do we say? You should consider your skin tone, primary hair color, and many other factors.

Keep reading below to find out which hair color is right for the “best ever” green eyes and how to choose the right hair color.

You can find different shades of green in nature; The same goes for your eyes. Your beautiful green eyes can take many different shades, including:

  • Blue and green eyes – often blue with green spots closer to the iris.
  • Hazel green eyes – these are green eyes with brown spots
  • Dark green eyes – these look “richer” than other shades of green.

Ironically, green eyes have no color. This is because technically green irises contain no pigment. The green color we see is a lack of melanin in the iris. If the iris contains less melanin, it will scatter more light, resulting in a green color.

  • Light green eyes – the lightest shade of green eyes. People with light green eyes

Now let’s talk about which hair color goes best with green eyes. Of course, we can’t ignore skin tones. Knowing if our hair and eye color matches well is essential to creating a great look.

Without further ado, these hair colors highlight green eyes:

  1. Hair Color for Warm Skin and Green Eyes: Women with warm skin and green eyes should have cinnamon, ginger, copper hair and light red hair tones. Choose darker browns if you want a subtler hair color that matches your golden skin tone. These include shades of mahogany, chestnut, dark brown.
  2. HAIR COLOR FOR GREAT SKIN AND GREEN EYES: Hair color options for cool skin tones include light blonde, brown and red hair colors. Fair-skinned women can opt for highlighters such as taupe, ash and honey. Try to avoid black, gold, caramel and orange based hair colors.
  3. Hair Color for Olive Skin and Green Eyes: Women with natural olive skin look great with red hair colors. The green undertones of your eyes and skin go well with darker reddish tones. Go for shades like golden blonde, copper, chocolate brown and rich golden brown. If you have dark skin, avoid hair with blue, green, or purple bases. Platinum blonde and ashy blonde also contrast with your natural skin tone.
  4. Hair Color for Fair Skin and Green Eyes: Light brown and blonde hair colors will look great with your fair skin and green eyes. Also, consider adding blonde highlights if you want to get light brown hair. These add touches of depth to the hair and even the color of your eyes.
  5. Hair color for fair skin and green eyes: You can enhance your porcelain skin by wearing your hair in contrasting colours. Use darker shades like black and brown. Dark blonde hues also look good with your fair skin and green eyes.
  6. Hair color for pale skin and green eyes: Some women can rock the combination of dark hair with light skin, but not everyone can. Black hair can wash out your skin. Instead, opt for a cool blonde hair color. Some examples are platinum, ash, sandy blonde, and cream. If you want to try a darker hair color, opt for cooler browns, such as ash brown.
  7. Hair color for brown skin and green eyes: It can be difficult to match brown skin and green eyes. Consider warm blonde shades to complement your skin tone and accentuate the golden dots in your eyes. And the chocolate brown color will enhance your tan. For a sunny look, try a darker copper shade.
  8. Hair color for dark skin and green eyes: One of the best ways to wear your hair to compliment dark skin and green eyes is to keep it natural. Natural black hair contrasts with green eyes and goes well with darker skin tones. Go for brown hair if you want to try something other than your natural black hair color. If you want something eye-catching, ask your stylist to dye your hair bright red, as Rihanna did in the 2000s.
  9. Hair color for medium skin and green eyes: Chocolate hair is suitable for medium skin and green eyes. Add shine to your dark brown hair by getting blonde locks. Colored mocha hair also creates a great balance for green-eyed women with medium skin tones.
  10. Hair color for freckles and green eyes: If you have freckles, the best color for your hair is dark brown or red. Copper and ginger tones create a natural look, especially on fair skin.

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