Add a spoonful of this ingredient you have at home in the washing machine and your clothes will be perfect!

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Natural solutions now allow to restore the luster to linen that has turned yellow or dull due to washing. We mainly think of ingredients like baking soda or lemon, but there is also a natural ingredient, often used in cooking, that does the job perfectly.

Baking powder, for bleaching clothes

It’s a great ally for removing tough stains from white or light-colored clothes. It’s baking powder. Here’s how to use it.

  • Baking powder to whiten laundry and remove tough stains

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Baking powder – Source: spm

Baking powder is mainly used in the kitchen for baking, and it also has a bleaching power on linen. For eggs in particular, this ingredient works wonders. To revive the whiteness of your laundry and restore its luster, simply add 1 teaspoon of this product to your usual dose of detergent that you pour into the detergent drawer. You can also add 1 teaspoon directly into the drum of your washing machine. This bleaching product will then remove all the stains from your clothes.

Other tips to restore the shine of your dirty and dull laundry

Besides baking powder, other household ingredients can be used on yellowed laundry. Here is a selection of home remedies that you can add to your laundry detergent.

  • Lemon to remove yellow stains from laundry

Lemon is well known for its bleaching ability, which you can use on sheets, towels, or T-shirts. Then take a tub of hot water in which you cut the lemon slices and soak the laundry in this solution and let it rest overnight. The next day, wash your clothes in the washing machine and you will have a flawless result. If necessary, repeat the process to obtain the desired whiteness.

  • White vinegar for soft and shiny clothes

white vinegar

White vinegar – Source: spm

White vinegar It can also be used on laundry as a softener but also to revive the colors of clothes. Before starting the washer, pour ½ cup of this natural fabric softener into the detergent drawer, and mix it with your regular product. Your clothes will be soft and clean. To treat stubborn spots only or certain traces of perspiration, You can also Spray white vinegar on the affected area and then let it sit before rinsing by hand.

  • Aspirin for yellowed or faded laundry

Aspirin is an excellent natural bleach. This product has effects on yellowish or gray laundry. For an in-depth work, it is possible to add a couple of aspirin tablets to your usual detergent or put them directly into the washing machine drum. Feel free to repeat the procedure to ensure effectiveness.

  • Baking soda for bleaching clothes

baking soda

Baking soda – Source: spm

Baking soda can also work wonders on your dull laundry. Simply add ½ cup of white powder to your regular laundry product before washing it. For a targeted action, it is recommended to prepare a paste by mixing baking soda with water before applying it to the stain.

Baking powder can replace some chemicals and even natural products when they are not available to you. To keep your clothes clean and shiny, choose the trick that best suits your needs.

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