Put a lemon in the microwave and see what happens, the secret trick that makes life easier

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It is no coincidence that the use of lemon has spread over the past ten years. In addition to being a reserve of vitamin C, the citric acid it contains has extraordinary properties. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, descaling, degreasing … the list is long! That is why it occupies a special place in all of our recipes. Let’s see how to use it in the microwave.

Lemon in the microwave: a trick that will change your life

The microwave oven is used in every home to heat dishes or thaw frozen food. Practical and efficient, we can’t live without it. But just like a conventional oven, it needs regular cleaning. Who among us has never witnessed a terrible explosion of food that covered all the walls? To keep it clean and avoid germs from getting there, you have to scrub, which isn’t always easy.
So, if you are tired of scrubbing food stuck in the oven, here is a simple and natural solution that guarantees you a flawless and effortless result.

1- Bring a bowl of hot water and lemon

2- Cut the lemon into pieces and put them in the bowl

3- Put the bowl of water with lemon in the microwave and heat it on full power for 2 minutes.

4- Open the contents of the bowl and throw it on the walls of the oven, you can now clean it with a sponge.

The heat-related lemon helped remove all stains, remove food residue and reduce all parts of the microwave. It is advisable to remove the turntable so that you can clean it well and better.
In addition to being clean, the oven is also deodorized and disinfected. Thanks Lemon!

Clean the microwave with lemon

Clean the microwave with lemon – Source: spm

5 tips for natural cleaning with lemon

You want to clean your home effectively, and you don’t need to resort to an arsenal of cleaners and chemicals. You can achieve a perfect result by using the simple products you have in your kitchen. Like black soap, baking soda, or white vinegar, lemon is an effective dirt-fighting cleaner and your natural ally in all household tasks.

Clean with lemon

Cleaning with lemon – Source: spm

1- Sanitize stoves and work surfaces : For the oven, a mixture of hot water and lemon allows you to clean all cooking dishes and work surfaces. If there is a covered stain, rub it directly with a piece of lemon, let it act and then rinse.

2- Cleaning windows and mirrors Squeeze half a lemon in half a liter of hot water. Put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on windows and mirrors. Then rub with a damp microfiber cloth. For a streak-free clean, wipe surfaces with a roll of crumpled newspaper.

3- Diskl : Limestone tends to coalesce everywhere: fixtures, sinks, small household appliances … To remove limescale, take half a lemon and scrub the parts to be treated. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

4- wash the laundry : Instead of using chemical and regular bleaches for skin and textiles, lemon is preferred to restore luster to white linen. To do this, pour lemon juice into the detergent drawer when rinsing and then dry the laundry in the sun.

5- Bring the sponge back to life : Sponges get dirty very easily and give off unpleasant odors. To refresh them, soak them overnight in a mixture of hot water and lemon juice, rinse; They will be like new!

You now have plenty of tips for healthy cleaning of your home with this all-in-one cleaner. And betting that lemon has not yet revealed all its secrets to you…

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