Why should you grow a clove of garlic in your plant pots? Great advice for florists

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To take care of your indoor plants and promote their growth and flowering, it is important to protect them from parasites and pests that attack them. Therefore, there is no need to resort to chemical pesticides that are harmful to health and the environment. You can use natural repellents, such as garlic cloves, to ward off insect pests.

Why should garlic be buried in a pot of indoor plants?

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garlic cloves – source: spm

Thanks to its pungent aroma and antibacterial properties, garlic is highly effective To ward off parasites and pests that destroy your plants. Garlic can be used for your plants in the garden, vegetable patch, or even your houseplants.

Regarding the plants that you grow at home, indoors, it is recommended to grow a clove of garlic in the pot of your plants, In order to catch parasites fond of plant leaves. Note, however, that the garlic clove should not remain in the ground for too long. Once it begins to sprout, remove it from the pot And replace it with another fresh pod. You can repeat this tip 2 or 3 times a month.

Another trick is to use garlic cloves to make a natural insecticide that you spray on the leaves of your plants, but only at sunset, To avoid burning the leaves of your plants. To prepare the insecticide, chop about 100 grams of garlic cloves and add them In a liter of non-lime water, Like rain water or spring water. Cover the mixture and leave it to soak for 24 hours. Then bring the mixture to a boil in a covered saucepan for 30 minutes. Allow the lotion to cool without removing the cap, then strain the solution and transfer it to a spray bottle. This preparation can be kept for 24 hours only, in a cool place. Use pure insecticide To treat aphid attacks. On the other hand, your solution It should be diluted to 20%. If you use it against hidden diseases.

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Green indoor plant remedy – Source: spm

Also note that garlic is beneficial Even for your vegetable garden and orchard plants. In fact, it contains sulfur which is an effective and effective ingredient in fighting hidden diseases of vegetable plants or fruit trees. Examples include downy mildew, powdery mildew, peach or grape leaf curl, or gooseberry rust. In addition, garlic can also treat plants infected with aphids and caterpillars and prevent attacks by moths and moths.

What other natural insecticides can I use to protect houseplants?

In addition to garlic cloves, you can use other natural insecticides to protect your indoor plants, as well as your plants grown outside, from insect pests. This is particularly the case with ash, which is Effective against gastropods such as slugs snails, a nettle fertilizer which, in addition to being a natural insecticide, is ideal to fertilize your plants, Or black soap and ground coffee.

By adding these natural ingredients, you will protect your plants from pests that destroy them and harm their good growth.

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