Why do plumbers advise not to pour hot water into the sink? It’s for an important reason

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Often, boiled water is used alone or mixed with other products to unclog pipes. Despite its great effectiveness, this technique appears to have risks. So, if you are used to pouring boiling water into the sink, you should think carefully before taking any action. We explain why in this article.

When should you avoid pouring boiling water into the sink?

When the water drains more slowly than usual, the reaction that is often adopted is pouring boiling water. However, this method, which is both natural and ecological, is not recommended in any particular case.

  • Pouring boiling water into the sink can damage the plumbing

boiling water

Boiling water – Source: spm

Sometimes you need to use boiling water to unclog the sink. Unlike metal pipes, PVC pipes do not withstand high temperatures. Regularly pouring a large amount of hot water can damage the plastic pipes. This usually leads to deformation of the plastic and loosening of the seals. To avoid more serious plumbing problems, use a small amount of boiled water that will cool on contact with the plumbing system at room temperature.

When should boiling water be poured into the sink?

In addition to the tried and tested boiling water trick, there are other handy grandma’s tricks to clear any blockage in pipes in no time. By following these tips, you will know when to pour boiling water into the sink.

  • Clean the pipes under the sink

drain pipe

Drain pipe – Source: spm

Often times, fat or food residue prevents the water from flowing into the tank. Before trying the following tips, first clean your plumbing pipes. To do this, place a bucket under the sink and then unscrew the nuts that hold the pipe to empty all its contents. Bring a glove and Toothbrush To remove dirt that remains inside. finally, Open the tap to wash the tubes.

  • Use a metal coat hanger to loosen the sink

If you don’t have a mechanical ferret at home, you can always try the wire relationship trick to unclog pipes. This metal body can flex easily and help you clear blockages. Loosen the hanger from the hook to form a long metal rod and insert in the tube. Then, with back and forth motions, you will remove all the dirt inside the tubes.

  • Pour baking soda, salt and white vinegar into the sink

Baking soda in the sink

Baking soda in the sink – Source: spm

You can also use natural products available at home to unblock pipes. Here are the components you’ll need:

  • 150g baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 120 ml white vinegar

Start by pouring the baking soda into the tubes and then add the salt before pouring the white vinegar. The mixture will produce an instant reaction in the form of foam. Leave it for half an hour before pouring hot water into the sink.

  • Use soda crystals to unblock a clogged sink

Take a cup of soda crystals that you will pour directly into the sink tube. Then pour boiling water and wait a few seconds before rinsing. This trick will allow you to remove the grease stuck in the tube, which will clear the blockage. It is possible to repeat this process once a week to prevent similar problems. As a reminder, boiling water should not be poured over plastic pipes.

  • Unclog the sink with a garden hose

garden hose

Garden Hose – Source: spm

For this trick, you will only need a garden hose. Although it comes as a surprise, this trick will allow you to unclog your tank with this gardening accessory. Remove the drain from the sink and insert a garden hose into it. Let the water pass through the pipes and The pressure will allow you to easily remove the plug blocking the flow of water.

Pouring boiling water into unclogged drains can be very helpful in some cases. However, this technique is subject to certain conditions so as not to damage the pipes.

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