Washing machine: Here is a program for washing curtains without damaging them

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Every type of blinds requires regular cleaning. And that’s all but a trivial matter. Here’s how to get beautiful and clean curtains after washing in the washing machine.

How to wash curtains correctly without errors?

To give your living space a personal touch, there is no shortage of decorative elements. Among those we choose with the most attention: curtains. Over time, becoming one of the most important parts of any interior worthy of the name, the curtains manage to combine practicality and aesthetics.

However, over time, unpleasant odors, mites, dust and dirt become ingrained in the curtains. In such a situation, washing in a washing machine is a must. A seemingly delicate process, between respecting the peculiarities of each fabric and choosing a program before the curtains go through the washing machine. So that you leave no doubt, here is how to wash the curtains in the washing machine without making any mistakes, to get an impeccable result.

Curtains in the bedroom

Curtains in the bedroom – Source: spm

The perfect curtain washer program

It is sometimes difficult to start washing curtains in a washing machine, since their fabrics seem very delicate at first glance. In this case, it is necessary to choose the ideal washing program if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises. However, not all washing machines have a specific program for washing curtains. But fortunately, there is an effective cleaning method without damaging the fabric. Here’s how.

First of all, it is necessary to find out if your curtain does not require dry cleaning. This is especially the case for lined curtains or heavy fabrics such as silk or velvet. For voile, polyester or linen curtains, you can put them in the washing machine. Note, however, that effective washing of washing machine curtains necessarily requires a short program. For this, be careful not to overload the washer drum to prevent the curtains from wrinkling. After that, it is preferable to wash at a lower temperature because the fabric for interior curtains and various curtains is generally very thin. It would be perfect for programming washing at 30 degrees max, Choose a fairly low rotation cycle. Washing at a low temperature prevents the risk of shrinkage. However, it is still necessary Refer to the care label on your curtains to adapt the washing program and temperature to the fabric characteristics of your curtains.

For cotton curtains, it is advisable to wash them by hand first by soaking them in a basin of soapy water (it is better to choose a neutral soap).

Once you are done washing, you can extend the curtains by hanging them perfectly from above.

Curtain just out of the washing machine

Curtain outside the washing machine – Source: spm

How to straighten the curtains after washing?

In some cases, after washing in a washing machine, the curtain fabric may come out wrinkled. In order to get rid of all visible wrinkles, you will have no choice but to iron the curtains for an aesthetically perfect result.

One technique for smoothing curtains is to use an iron with a steam boiler. This type of iron promises an effective and accurate result, thanks in particular to the power of steam. To use it, simply set the recommended ironing program for your curtain fabric. Remember to hang the curtain well on the ironing board to avoid wrinkles. Note that the iron must be used constantly in the same direction.

There is also another technique for smoothing your curtains after washing, especially with a vertical iron. Practical, the latter allows vertical ironing without necessarily having to use an ironing board. However, the steam emitted remains less powerful than the steam that an iron with a kettle pushes. However, to iron your curtain, choose a backing that allows you to stretch the fabric over its entire width and length. This way, you’ll be able to release steam from the iron over the entire curtain, specifically targeting the most wrinkled areas.

By following these tips, washing curtains will no longer hide any secrets for you.

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