Trendy hair dye 2022

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We have prepared very trendy hair color suggestions for dark color lovers. Examples include wine chocolate and chestnut brown, among others. Find out the latest fashion trends for fall 2022.

dark hair colors

Today we bring you the dark hair color trend paired with a bob cut. Many women feel better with dark hair, in our gallery you will see the most fashionable offers.

Without a doubt, the biggest color trend will be chocolate with wine, this shade of dark brown mixed with red wine tones.

It would be a second trending shade of brown – this deep, warm color is perfect for fall climates. Just like the shade of caramel brown.

For ladies with a cold shade, paint in a dark chocolate shade will be the perfect choice. This elegant color has many fans among women who prefer dark colors. Hairdressers also talk about a sudden return, that is, black with blue undertones. Among the brighter proposals, we recommend the use of milk chocolate.

Proposals for fall 2022

In our gallery, you’ll see examples of all of these trends in proposals for fall 2022.

  • A soft piece dipped in dark chocolate shade.
  • Ombre Chocolate Pop with Wine Coloring.
  • Ultra-modern French pop in a dark chocolate shade.
  • Bob Botticelli’s latest trend.
    Take a look at the gallery and get inspired.

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