This is the purpose of the dots on the edges of the windshield

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What is the function of black dots on the windshield?

inside the car

The interior of the car – Source: spm

They are present in the majority of car models, regardless of the brand or origin of the car. Although somewhat inconspicuous, these blackheads serve an important purpose. In fact, to better understand the interest of their presence on the windshield, it is necessary to familiarize yourself a little with the process of manufacturing windows.

To put a window on the car, you have to cover its edges with ceramic paint and heat it. However, during the heating process, the coating reaches a final temperature much higher than that of glass. The black dots are placed to avoid a large temperature difference on a small area of ​​the glass, and prevent some damage. Note that to achieve the curved shape of the windshield, it is assumed that the temperature is distributed over the entire surface of the glass. To prevent the windowsill from heating up too quickly, the black outline will make it more difficult and help the glue do its part better on a rougher surface. In addition, black dots make it possible to hide glue residues.

But that’s not all: if these dots are black, it is also to protect the glue that holds the glass. Its very dark color helps counteract the harmful effects of UV rays that may alter the adhesive properties of the glue. Thus, it helps to extend its life.

Why is it important to keep the windshield in good condition?

car windshield

car windshield – source: spm

The windshield is undoubtedly the most important part of a car. Thanks to her, we have a window that gives us a driving view and protects us from bad weather. In some cases, the windshield may have built-in sensors and cameras for more optimal use.

The black dot series is therefore essential because it protects the windshield, thus preventing separation and avoiding loss of effectiveness of the adhesive. The result of the races: the toughness of the glass is essential to the safety of the driver and passengers. If the windshield is very fragile, it can be very dangerous on the road. The smallest shards of glass can cause holes.

In addition, the windshield is an essential element in maintaining the structural rigidity of the car, increasing it by up to 30%. Similarly, in the event of an accident, the passenger airbag presses on the windshield to project itself facing the person. If the window is not closed, the airbag will not be able to properly protect the occupant.

Safe driving tips

  • Watch out for the sun: the mistake you shouldn’t do anymore is to activate windshield jets to clean dirty glass. When the rays are severe and you are driving at high speed on the road, it can seriously impair your vision and cause an accident.
  • Dangerous rain: When driving behind the wheel during heavy rain, always remember to reduce speed carefully, in order to get the best visibility on the road.
  • Windshield fluid: When it gets very hot, it is always important to check the fluid reservoir. This is necessary to better protect the wiper blades and remove dirt. It also prevents scratches on the glass.

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