The genius trick to dry any clothes in 15 minutes

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Housework is not only tedious but also time consuming. On a daily basis, you have to juggle house cleaning, cooking, washing, kids homework, etc. We all aspire to organize ourselves better to find the time to do all these tasks properly. That is why we are always fond of tips that make our life a little easier and above all allow us to save time. Obviously, when it comes to drying clothes, using a clothes dryer is usually a good option. However, many people do not always have it. Still others believe that it is not always effective and that it may damage the laundry. However, even if it is often recommended, drying outdoors is often weather dependent and takes time! Therefore, these tricks to dry your clothes faster will be very useful to you.

How do you dry your clothes in just 15 minutes?

Drying clothes

Drying clothes – Source: spm

You can’t budge, you set your sights on tonight on your favorite outfit. It brings you luck on any occasion and nothing will make you change your mind. Oh, I just noticed it stained and smelled not very good. Don’t panic: If you have half an hour left, you can wash and dry them faster than you thought.

All you have to do is select a quick program in the washing machine, and then dry your clothes in record time. As a bonus, during the wash cycle, you can take the opportunity to do your own makeup and hair. to save time!

For quick drying, the first thing that comes to mind is a hair dryer. Of course, this is possible, but this method is not always very effective and may burn the fabric if you do not use it carefully. Not to mention, the dress can still get wet in some parts, and if the night is cold, you might catch a cold!

Don’t worry, this trick will make all the difference, and your clothes will dry in a few minutes. Take a large, soft, absorbent washcloth (dry of course!) that you’ll put over the wet clothes. Roll it up tightly with the clothes inside. You will then notice how quickly the excess water from the clothes passes into the towel. Repeat this process with another dry towel until your kit is completely dry and ready to wear.

Other tips to adopt

Clean clothes in the laundry basket

Clean clothes in the laundry basket – Source: spm

  • Does your appliance have a drying function? You can use it with confidence. If the device does not have a dryer, you can use the “spin” function. Again, it is advisable to use a dry, clean towel to absorb the excess water from the wet clothes.
  • You can also use an iron and a towel. The procedure is simple: place the wet garment on an ironing board and top with a thin towel. Iron the towel firmly and carefully with the hot iron, making sure to turn the garment over so that it is ironed on both sides. The hot steam will help it dry faster.
  • To avoid waiting for hours, a fan is also an interesting option. In addition, it is less dangerous than a dryer for fabric fibers.
  • If you have the time, the freezer is also a great way to speed up clothes drying. How? Put the laundry in a plastic bag and leave it for a few hours, or even overnight, in the washing machine. Once you get your clothes out of the bag, all you have to do is iron them to get them warm quickly.
  • Finally, drying in the open air remains the most widespread practice. It turned out to be very effective, even if it takes time. Make sure you hang your clothes separately so that the air can dry them properly and odors don’t invade.

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