The sun enters Libra from September 23 and also marks the autumnal equinox. It will be accompanied on September 25 by the new moon in Libra. This new moon will allow some of the signs of the zodiac to embark on new goals and make a fresh start in their lives.

These zodiac signs will be affected by the positions of the stars and will experience various transformations in their lives. This new moon in Libra represents a new page of their lives they are writing for this new cycle.

Zodiac signs that will see their lives change during the end of September?

zodiac signs

Zodiac signs. Source: spm

At the time of the new moon, the sun is behind the moon and causes a lunar eclipse. During the new moon in Libra and the sun in Libra, the signs of the zodiac will be called upon to absorb all the positive energy of this air sign. Go this first lunar autumn Bring plenty of gifts, good news, and a great deal of romantic and transformative energy. This new moon also promises moments of contemplation for these zodiac signs and they can seize the opportunity to reconnect with their deepest desires. They won’t be afraid to let their emotions escalate and spark heart-to-heart discussions.

The scorpion


Scorpio. Source: spm

Scorpios will be more involved in their lives during this Libra season and the new moon in the air sign on September 25th. They will have more self-confidence to show that they can achieve great things and that there is no problem that can stop them from achieving their goals. After months of patience, the Scorpions will finally be able to reap the rewards of their labor and stay at the same sprinting pace while maintaining their routine. They will continue their creative endeavors This will allow them to detach from their brain for a while. During the end of September, they will achieve a lot of success and can hold a fateful meeting for their future.



Sagittarius. Source: spm

This new cycle in Libra will bring about a lot of changes in the life of Sagittarius. The end of September will be turbulent and Sagittarians can achieve many goals successfully. They will be able to control their emotions so as not to overwhelm her negative energy And the realization of their projects. They should not conflict with the people around them but should focus on their future and make a new plan for their future. These changes will help them find a new balance and a new routine for their well-being.


001 . scale

Libra sign. Source: spm

Libra will be positively influenced by these stars placed in their sign. Citizens of this Air sign can reconnect with themselves and regain their self-confidence. This new moon in Libra will allow them to free themselves from certain weights and feel lighter. They can start new changes in their lives in order to find a new routine and take better care of their bodies. Libras are likely to receive good news in their personal lives. Representatives of this Air sign can take a new step in their relationship and become more involved in the couple. This end of September will be very positive for them and they will be very happy with it.

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