Apply this temperature to the refrigerator immediately and you will save a lot of money on your bill

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Since it works day and night, the refrigerator is one of the most energy consuming appliances in your home and takes up a lot of space on your electric bill. It is possible to reduce energy consumption by setting the appropriate temperature.

Why is the refrigerator considered one of the energy-intensive appliances?

This device is a power consuming device. Since it is constantly on standby mode, the refrigerator consumes a lot of energy depending on its energy class and size. For this reason, it is necessary to adopt the right gestures to reduce energy consumption.

Setting your refrigerator to the right temperature will save you money

To reduce electricity consumption, it is important to set the refrigerator to the right temperature. This is between 4 and 5 degrees Celsius.. For the freezer, it should be kept at -18 ° C. By setting your device to the right temperatures, your food will be well preserved and you won’t increase your energy consumption.

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refrigerator temperature

refrigerator temperature. Source: spm

Discover these tips to reduce energy consumption in your refrigerator

Your refrigerator works day and night, to reduce its energy consumption, you can simply not turn it off with the risk of unpleasant surprises. But you can improve its use to reduce your electricity bill by following these tips.

It is important to check the tightness of the refrigerator

To save energy, it is important to follow good habits when using your home appliances. You can be sure Seal your refrigerator Close the door on the paper. If there is no resistance, then your device has a problem. In this case, avoid overloading the refrigerator door, check the seal and clean it.


refrigerator. Source: spm

Defrost the refrigerator to save on your electricity bill

By adopting this method, you will avoid over-consuming your device. In fact, it is necessary to defrost your refrigerator regularly once the frost has thickened exceeds 3 mm. Thanks to this trick, you will prevent your devices from consuming 30% more electricity.

It is important to check that the refrigerator is not glued to the wall

Placing your refrigerator against the wall is not a very good idea because the heat from your appliance is not discharging properly. That’s why you should let 10 cm distance around from your refrigerator. This will prevent the risk of overheating.

Clean the grate at the back of the refrigerator to save electricity

The dust that accumulates in the grill behind the refrigerator increases its heat and can increase its energy consumption by 30%. To combat this phenomenonUse a broom to remove dust residue.

It is recommended to keep your refrigerator away from heat sources

The placement of the refrigerator can affect your electric bill as it increases the risk of overheating. So it is recommended to remove it your home appliances furnace or radiator;

Do not put lukewarm dishes in your refrigerator

If it is important to respect this recommendation, it is because a lukewarm dish will push the refrigerator to compensate for the overheating. By mustering more energy. So this will directly affect your electricity consumption.

Leaving the refrigerator door open for a long time consumes energy

open fridge

Open refrigerator. Source: spm

The best way to open the refrigerator unnecessarily and not close the door waste electricity. Change your habits by only opening the door to your device if it’s really necessary.

It is important to put as few packages as possible inside the refrigerator

Cardboard and plastic unnecessarily increase the volume of materials to be cooled and cause waste Affects your electric bill. As much as possible, make sure that only unwrapped food is placed in the refrigerator.

FifthYou can save money on your electric bill by taking simple steps with your refrigerator. Apply these tips to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of your refrigerator.

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