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Pearl Blonde Hair Color: Fall 2022

Meet the pearl blonde who stole women’s hearts and was released in October 2022! Everything indicates that he will stay with us for a longer time. See up to 21 suggestions for this shimmering color.

What does a blonde pearl look like

Blonde pearl enters the salons and goes to the streets! It is one of the hottest colors for October 2022.

Surely, you can see the distinctive luster of shimmering pearls with many luminous shades right before your eyes. This is what a blonde pearl looks like. It is good to know that there are many shades of pearl.

It will reflect very similarly in this ultra-modern color. You’ll come across proposals usually associated with pearls – a mix of platinum, light pink, blue, and peach hair.

Pearl blond – the most fashionable proposals

We present the most fashionable proposals for coloring pearl blond. Among them you will find examples of the diversity of this coloring.

Lovers of pearl jewelry know that these sea-caught pearls, apart from the obvious shades mentioned, also come in hues of gray, purple, and even brown. There are also black pearls.

Therefore, there is nothing else but to delve into the proposals that we put in our gallery. Among them, you will find pearl blond coloring on a very fashionable long bob, on voluminous shiny waves in combination with the amazing bangs of the curtains.

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