Inverted hair shade: a hit for this fall

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Reverse ombre – a great trend for some women who are looking for a unique and original look. Come see the color hit for fall 2022. Check if the upside down color suits your style.

The reverse color is a multi-layered coloring where the lightest color is at the top of the hairstyle and the darkest starts in the middle and extends to the ends.

This type of coloring was so popular in the 90s that it even caused controversy, especially among hairdressers, is now even more controversial. This is for two reasons.

First of all, all the last seasons look very natural in the foreground. However, even a very subtle reverse color looks unnatural.

Secondly, many people associate such coloring not with deliberate actions, but with principles and character. However, Reverse Shade appears to have more supporters than opponents and would be a hit to fall.

Reverse ombre – the most fashionable proposals for fall 2022

In our gallery you will see the most stylish color combinations for fall 2022. Here are some of them:

  • Chocolate blends with wine in a deep black color.
  • Platinum blonde also fades to black.
  • Intense pink to lilac.
  • Blush to burgundy.
  • Inverted beige blonde ombre balayage in a cappuccino blonde.

Take a look at the gallery and see if you like the reverse color.

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