How to turn off notifications from unnecessary apps that annoy you

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Fortunately, there are settings to stop this “digital bustle”. How to enjoy your smartphone without fuss? Let’s find out!

How to turn off unnecessary notifications on Android?

Thanks to the settings on Android devices, you can block certain types of notifications. So you will receive only the most important information for you. Of course, you can always completely disable notifications for all apps.

Here’s how:

  • Drag the notification bar down
  • Go to Settings and then General tab
  • In the application manager, find the application whose notifications you want to disable (Instagram, for example).
  • Finally, you can uncheck the “Show notifications” option. You are liberated!
message notice

Message notification. Source: spm

How to turn off notifications on IOS?

Do you own an iPhone? Here’s how to stop getting annoyed with notifications:

  • Click iPhone Settings
  • Go to the notification center
  • Do you see a table at the bottom of the window called “include”? This table counts all the apps that can send you notifications.
  • Choose the app from this list, whose notifications you want to disable.
  • Click the “Allow Notifications” button. Hence, this app disappears from the notification center.

notices. Source: spm

Be aware that deactivation cannot be undone. You can always go back to the initial settings by repeating the process again and allow the notifications you want to keep.

App notifications: Did you say “mental exhaustion”?

Researchers have uncovered the disastrous effects of excessive demand for app notifications. Caroline Cooney, PhD, cognitive psychologist and educator and researcher at Grenoble Ecole de Management, reminds us that the neuroscience studies are straightforward. She explains that when the brain becomes overwhelmed with information, it becomes exhausted and loses its efficiency. According to the expert, it is advisable to avoid digital overloading.

In fact, our constant internet connection prevents our brain from entering the “normal” mode. However, when we walk (without a phone) or when we take a shower, we unleash our thoughts, thus, temporarily returning our minds to their initial state, the so-called “normal” mode.

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