How do you clean solar panels to maintain maximum energy production?

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A solar photovoltaic system is a renewable energy technology that converts the sun’s energy into electricity using so-called “solar” photovoltaic panels. When it gets dirty, it can lose up to 7% of its effectiveness. Although relatively low, this number should not be ignored.

What cleaning should be preferred for optimal operation of solar panels?

Whether it is thermal or photovoltaic panels, maintenance remains the same. Hydro-hybrid panels and pneumatic panels can also be cleaned in the same way. However, for a position that is often placed in elevation, certain precautions must be taken beforehand.

  • Clean the solar panels with demineralized water

Solar panel cleaning

Clean the solar panels. Source: spm

To completely clean the solar panels, you do not need to resort to drastic measures. You will only need a telescopic broom, warm demineralized water, and a soft cloth. The first tool will help you reach the higher panels more easily. If it is difficult to get to the plates, it is better to contact a specialist. Use demineralized water to clean the surface of the painting with a telescopic brush or a soft damp cloth. Note that the water used It shouldn’t be too chalky for prevent her from leaving alone a White layer on the surface of the panels. Feel free to choose lukewarm water to reduce the risk of thermal shock to the panel surface. Finally, be careful never to walk the panels or use other tools that can cause cracks in the glass. Finally, never use pressurized water, its force may also damage the glass surface.

Why do panels get dirty quickly?

Various factors can be behind the pollution of solar panels. It mainly depends on the geographical area of ​​your residence. Dirt in the form of fine particles as well as carbon dioxide due to daily pollution are major factors in limiting the performance of solar panels in urban areas. In agricultural areas, there is more dust and various pollen. By the sea, salt and sand can form a layer over time and prevent sunlight from reaching the panels. Desert winds, also called sirocco, can be responsible for depositing a large amount of sand on the slabs. This phenomenon can also have repercussions on local agriculture, which often affects southern France.

How often should solar panels be cleaned?

As you understand, solar panels tend to get dirty more or less quickly depending on where you live. In order to extend its life and maintain its performance, it is advisable to follow certain maintenance recommendations.

  • Regularly check the solar panels

dusty solar panel

Dusty solar panel. Source: spm

Some dirt can quickly accumulate on the surface of solar panels. In order to identify a large amount of dust, sand or dead leaves, it is enough to look at your facilities from time to time. There is also another way to tell if the panels need cleaning: checking the electricity production. If the latter falls off, this may mean that the panels need to be cleaned quickly.

  • Clean solar panels at least twice a year

It is recommended to clean the solar panels at least twice a year. So this process can be carried out in the spring, a favorable period for the deposit of pollen, and in the fall to get rid of dead leaves that settle in large quantities on the roofs of dwellings. By going this way, you’ll keep the panels clean for the summer, the season when production is at its highest, and into the winter, which is the period when the sun is more scarce. The inverter, an essential component of the panels, should be flicked at least once a year.

  • Choosing the perfect time to clean solar panels

Cleaning Solar Fixtures

Cleaning solar fixtures. Source: spm

The best time to clean solar panels is in the morning. The heat that builds up during the day can make the surface of the board very hot, or even hot, in the late afternoon or early evening. That is why it is advisable to avoid this time of day, which may also increase the risk of heat shock due to the temperature of the water used.

Solar panels require careful maintenance as well as thorough cleaning. The latter will ensure the proper functioning of these fixtures, in particular the inverter and modules.

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