Do you know the secret car hideout? This is the perfect place to put your valuables

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It is quite possible to hide things in the car. The obvious choice would be the glove box. However, this container for storing personal belongings is often the first target of thieves. If they find nothing, the thieves quickly get out of the car so as not to take unnecessary risks.

Where do you hide valuables in the car?

In each car you can find small spaces and mysterious corners where you can present useful and valuable little things. One thing is for sure, by using this hiding place, your belongings will stay safe and out of sight.

  • car air vents

ventilation grilles

ventilation grilles. Source: spm

If you want to hide a valuable item, there is no such thing as air vents. Behind these small openings there are ample spaces where you can easily hide some useful items. For this, it is possible to use a simple flat screwdriver. The latter should be inserted smoothly between each end of the frame so that you can take off the entire net. However, it is advisable to check the type of clamps that secure the mesh before starting this process so as not to damage it.

Other places to hide valuables in the car

Before looking for other secret hiding places in the car, it is worth reading the owner’s manual carefully. Depending on car models, some places may be more accessible than others. Here are some examples.

  • Trunk Compartments

If you open the trunk of your car, you will find several compartments there that can be used as a secret hiding place. These areas of the trunk are for tire or battery change kits. Feel free to put some items in there to keep them safe. It is also possible to take off certain corners of the rug to present your personal belongings.

  • Under gear car lever

gear hoist

gear hoist Source: spm

The other secret place to put your accessories and valuables is under the gearbox. Simply raise the gaiters by sliding the tire that secures the gearbox to the vehicle. It can be easy to hide the phone or wallet. However, make sure there is no empty space on the sides so you don’t lose your things. Also, be careful not to interfere with the gear lever mechanism.

  • car fuel tank

This unusual hiding place can also be useful, especially for hiding a key. It is enough to fix this object to the opening of the tank with adhesive tape. No one will be able to discover this secret place. Make sure, however, that the hatch closes properly and that the switch goes unnoticed inside.

  • under the car seat

You can hide your things in the space under the front seat. Looking out the window, the criminal will not be able to discern what is there. You will be able to drag your computer or something else to this hiding place. However, this hiding place should be considered temporary because rear passengers can kick or damage your thing when the seat is adjusted.

Although not the best place to hide important things, a car can have several secret compartments. You are free to use it!

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