A woman was kicked out of a wedding because of the dress she was wearing

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During the preparations for the wedding, the choice of clothes should be done very carefully by the bride and groom, but also by the guests. The latter can sometimes choose clothes so controversial that they are required to leave the party venue.

Here is the story that Sadie Lynn, an American wedding planner, told on Tik Tok.

In a wedding, is white only for the bride?

wear a white dress

Wear a white dress – Source: spm

The bride must wear a white dress during her wedding ceremony. According to tradition, in order not to sway on his wedding day, it is strictly forbidden for a guest to go to the wedding dressed in white. This color is a symbol of purity and is strictly intended for those who marry.

When choosing a wedding dress, we usually follow trends and our own preferences. As per the tradition, white suits and dresses should be avoided during this type of occasion, this color is meant for the bride. Black is also forbidden, this color will be a harbinger of misfortune, or excessive extravagance according to opinions.

Although these guidelines are treated more freely today than they were a few decades ago, in the case of some brides, the sight of a guest dressed in white can cause irritation. This is what happened at the wedding attended by Sadie Lane.

We tell you this amazing story that happened in the United States under the eyes of this wedding planner.

What really happened during this wedding?

Bride in white dress

Bride in white dress – Source: spm

The accident occurred during the wedding of two women. The day went by on a predetermined schedule until the brides noticed that one of the plaintiffs was wearing a white dress. This situation bothered them so much that they asked Sadie Lane to push the young woman to the exit.

“I noticed her on the dance floor very quickly because she was in a white dress. Sadie posted in one of her videos.” I was walking towards her and didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what to say to him. Finally, I said very politely: I knew that you could not stay longer in the evening. »

The woman, who was wearing a white dress, left the party. But she commented on the bride and groom’s decision, saying, “A few weeks ago I got married too, and I will not ask anyone to miss my wedding because of the dress.”

Sadie added that the guest lived a few miles from the wedding venue. So she could go home, change her clothes, and go back. I preferred not to return.

So white is the color of brides. So, even if you find a short evening dress whose cut does not look like a wedding dress at all, you should never choose this color. The same is true of light colors such as ivory or champagne which, although not the typical tone of a wedding dress, are still very popular for wedding dresses.

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