Why do you have to restart your Wifi router once a week? It will save you a lot of trouble

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However, the speed may be slower when watching your series while streaming, when calling to read emails or even working. Here is how to solve this problem in a very simple way.

Why do you need to restart the WI-FI router

wifi router

WIFI router. Source: spm

Have you noticed that your internet connection is getting slower and slower and you don’t know how to solve this problem? Before calling a technician, you can simply follow this simple and effective technique to speed up your connection. By performing this procedure, all your connection issues will be resolved.

As with your other electronic devices, when you have trouble connecting, you restart your device. For example, if you are having trouble connecting to your PC or smartphone, it will restart normally. You should do the same with your WI-FI router. In fact, The latter consists of an operating system, processor and memory in order to function well. With all your devices connected to a Wi-Fi network, the performance of the router may gradually slow down. Between cell phones, computers, tablets, smart TVs, and other connected devices, your router can gradually feel overwhelmed with all those Wi-Fi connections. Moment. And therefore, When these devices change their IP numberyour router may encounter Difficulty keeping up with all these devices. Therefore, it is necessary to restart your router so that it is not overloaded and can be cleaned from time to time. You will improve its performance, you will be able to perform all updates and finally you will strengthen security by cutting off the network for a few minutes and all viruses can be expelled automatically.

How often does a Wi-Fi router restart?

wifi box

Wi-Fi box. Source: spm

As we explained above, it is important to restart your Wi-Fi router because it works like a computer. devices connected to Your Wi-Fi will improve transmission performanceHowever, there is no specific time to restart the Wi-Fi router and get a good internet connection. It should ideally restart at least once a week, although some recommend restarting once a month. Manufacturers recommend restarting the Wi-Fi router once every two months. Although there is no set time to restart it, it is necessary to do it once in a while and you can do it frequently because there are no negative consequences of doing this procedure. So you can do this as many times as you want, if you are having difficulty Connect to the Internet with one of your electronic devices. Be careful not to confuse restart with reset, because by restarting your router you will keep the data stored inside the router like password or name. The internet will only be disconnected for a few minutes plus all your downloads.

To properly restart your router, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for it to work properly after the restart. Do not initiate the reset because you risk losing and erasing all data stored in the router’s memory.

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