WhatsApp: What does the raised hand emoji mean and when is it used in conversations?

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The social network is becoming more and more popular thanks to new features. Emoticons on WhatsApp Different meanings and reflect different feelings. We will tell you the meaning of the emoji of raised hands on WhatsApp.

What is the use of WhatsApp Emojis?

Emojis on WhatsApp

Emojis on WhatsApp. Source: spm

Emojis in an instant messaging app are taking an increasingly important place in expressing feelings and emotions through sending text messages. Introducing the WhatsApp application A variety of heart emojis to satisfy all users. In addition, there are several of them that you can send to all your contacts. They all have a different meaning and can be interpreted differently depending on the nature of your message. Emojis are pictures or illustrations represented by faces. They can also represent objects, food, plants, or places.

What is the meaning of the raised hand emoji on WhatsApp?

raise hands emoji

Raise hands emoji. Source: spm

Emojis are used to express all kinds of emotions on WhatsApp. You can incorporate it into your WhatsApp Messenger conversations to help you express the things you can’t type. Instead of using text or voice messages, you can use some emojis according to your intention but you have to to know well The meaning of some emojis. Like, for example, emojis with raised arms which can be confusing. Emojis are often misinterpreted, which is why we are going to share with you the meaning of this particular emoji that features two hands facing forward, raised towards the sky with palms open. The hands are accompanied by small stripes arranged in an arc indicating that they are in motion. Depending on the applications, emojis can have some differences, which is the case with this emoji. In some applications, it may appear with the wrists and in others only the hands. Fingers are also pulled up and stuck together.

If you send this emoji on WhatsApp Messenger, you want to express feelings of joy, excitement or even celebration. This emoji is very positive and often indicates that you want to congratulate the other person you are sending it to. It shows that you are celebrating victory and full of joy. In a conversation on WhatsApp, it is used to express a victory gesture with hands raised. For example, during a football match or a sports competition, you can use it to salute a gesture or action to your favorite player.

Find out what other emojis mean on WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp app

The WhatsApp. Source: spm

There are other emoji that you can use on your whatsapp messenger, here is the meaning of the heart emoji which is very popular.

  • Meaning of red heart emoji on WhatsApp

The red heart symbol is widely used on WhatsApp Messenger because it is definitely the most popular of all. Red heart emoji means you want to express feelings like love and affection. By sending a red heart emoji to a recipient, you are signaling to them that you have a deep attachment to them as well as a strong attraction. It is often used in romantic relationships or declarations of love.

Now that you know the meaning of some emojis on WhatsApp Messenger, you will not feel confused about expressing your feelings while sending a message.

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