Visual test: Can you tell the difference between these two pictures?

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Here is the test picture

visual puzzle

Visual puzzle – Source: spm

Before we open the image link, we give you a little topo: This puzzle features two nearly identical images where we see animated squirrels perched on a tree. One error crept into one of the two graphs. The exercise is difficult because the picture is vivid and disturbing, and you have to find the fault in just 7 seconds.

While looking at this visual puzzle, try to focus as much as possible. Do you want a hint? Take a closer look at each of the squirrels and don’t miss any small details. By paying close attention to each element of the image, you should eventually find the solution.

The answer to the visual puzzle

If, despite the tip, you can’t find what’s wrong with this viral challenge, you’ll find the answer in the link below.

Visual puzzle solving

Visual puzzle solution – Source: spm

Know that solving these challenges takes a lot of time and patience. For some, especially those who regularly train their brains on this type of game, the error is glaring. For others, a longer delay is needed, because in a few seconds the image seems too blurry for them. If you haven’t met this challenge, don’t worry, the more you practice this type of test, the more you will excel! Over time, your cognitive skills will allow you to unravel the mystery hidden in the most complex visual tests.

What is a visual puzzle?

Visual puzzles are not only fun and entertaining, but also great for strengthening and stimulating the brain. Using drawings or pictures, you must demonstrate logic, focus, sharp observation, and reasoning to solve a particular problem in often a limited time. The advantage is that these puzzles come in many ways. Although the visual component is generally popular, the visual challenges and puzzles are not always solved in the same way.

viral challenge photo

So take a break and re-energize your mind again to follow this awesome viral challenge. Your goal: to find the number “1” in the middle of this group of “7”. We give you a challenge that seems almost impossible to meet. Moreover, 97% of Internet users fail to find the desired number. Rest assured, there is no countdown. So take your time trying to find the intruder.



Visual Challenge – Source: spm

Responding to a viral challenge

So what are your impressions? It was kind of boring, wasn’t it? We realize that there are many 7 numbers in this illustration. Therefore, finding the number 1 in such conditions is a miracle. If you’re lucky enough to get to know him quickly, we tip our hats to you. As said, only 3% were able to detect it. And if, despite all your efforts, you come out defeated, rest assured, there is no harm. It is a particularly demanding exercise that requires high visual acuity.

Did it make you dizzy? No doubt making you sick by continuing to look for the intruder in this photo. We will shorten your efforts by revealing his location in the following image.


Optical solution 1

Visual Challenge Solution – Source: spm

Above all, feel free to train more. Most of the time, it’s about finding a person, animal, object or number in an image. This type of viral challenge allows you to test your cognitive abilities. During your free time, hit these quizzes to entertain yourself and relax, but also and above all to improve your mental and visual abilities.

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