Stop throwing away leftover soap: Here are 5 clever ways to reuse it!

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Due to lack of time or maintenance, small pieces of soap can easily accumulate on the soap dish. If you have enough of them, they can be collected in a dry place for later reuse. Here are some waste-fighting tips that will be of great help to you.

How do you reuse leftover soap?

The following tips can give a second life to small soap residue thus avoiding waste. You will no doubt be interested in discovering these innovative solutions.

  • Use leftovers to make soap

handmade soap

Handmade soap – Source: spm

To make soap, II Just dissolve the leftovers in a marie’s bath or in a pan by mixing them with a little water or a very small amount of milk or liquid tea, The goal is simply to melt the soap without burning it. Then use molds of different shapes to pour the liquid in. Let it dry and harden before removing the molds before completely restoring the new soap. It is also possible to grate soap residue and dissolve it in water to make a liquid product. You can add glycerin and an essential oil of your choice to adjust the aroma. Then pour everything into a pump bottle.

  • Make exfoliating bags with leftover soap

This second tip is very useful for gardening enthusiasts. It consists of putting a bar of soap in a piece of knitted socks. By doing this, it will be more practical to wash very dirty hands after a gardening session or even after long hours in the kitchen. Simply dampen the cloth and scrub the leather for a few seconds to remove all dirt and food residue that accumulate on the fingers and palms of the hands. You can add essential oils and oatmeal to exfoliate the skin and make it soft to the touch.

  • Mark fabrics with soap residue

Mark the cloth with a bar of soap

Mark the fabric with a piece of soap – Source: spm

This other trick will undoubtedly appeal to lovers of sewing. Instead of buying fabric markers with chalk or water, you can opt for soap residue as an alternative. Practical and economical, the fine soapy finish will help you draw lines on fabrics without damaging them. Of course, to make a flawless mark with straight lines or precise angles, it is always helpful to have a ruler or square at your disposal.

  • Make a self-foaming sponge using leftover soap

Surprising isn’t it? The sponge can easily turn into a self-foam once you use up leftover soap. To achieve this, make a small cut on one side of the sponge so that you can insert a small bar of soap. Once wet, it will be able to lather and release soap continuously. This trick is very useful whether it is for cleaning, washing dishes or maintaining sanitation.

  • Put the leftover soap inside the cupboard

Clothes folded in a closet

Clothes folded in a closet – Source: spm

To smell a fresh and lovely scent on your clothes while getting dressed in the morning, there is no such thing as soap. Just like lavender or home fragrances, putting small remnants of soap in the closet or wardrobe leaves a sweet scent. It can be placed in the back of the closet next to the clothes by wrapping it in a very soft cloth or in the pocket to prevent it from distinguishing the clothes.

With these innovative ideas for recycling soap scraps, you give them a second life and avoid waste!

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