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October 2022 brings a lot of joy to these three zodiac signs: A beautiful period begins

The onset of the autumn season brings a second wind to some zodiac signs. Some will be better served than others and will be able to seize the wonderful opportunities in October. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, promises them success and success in several areas. Find out if this beautiful energy will benefit you, too.

Who are the lucky winners of October?

Astrology puts three zodiac signs on a pedestal in this second month of fall. When some achieve their goals easily and increase their income, others will finally be able to awaken the flame of love.


Lion. Source: spm

Buyer has some nice surprises in store for the sign of Leo. On a professional level, this zodiac boy will be able to make great progress in business by demonstrating pedagogy and elegance in his reports. Thanks to Mercury in Libra, he will be able to accomplish his tasks very easily and carry out his goals as planned. Mars in Gemini gives him all his support to defend a big project. Thanks to his oratorical skills, This fire sign enables to sign a new contract with the client. The result of these negotiations: Assad will not only be able to increase his income, but will also be promoted to a new position with greater responsibilities. In the case of love, Leo can benefit from the origins of Venus in Libra. This planet will highlight a charming face that will help relieve tensions and create a pleasant atmosphere within the couple.


virgin. Source: spm

In this month of October, Virgo will be lucky in the field of love. This Earth sign will finally find the perfect balance between work and personal life. As a couple, he will finally be able to give more time to his romantic relationship. Short vacations can be scheduled, which is the perfect opportunity to light the flame. Besides, Venus in Scorpio makes the single Virgo more desirable and attractive. He will be able to use his magic to experience a new exciting adventure. On the professional side, the Sun and Venus in Scorpio make this zodiac sign more engaged. Heaven seems to want to take all the troubles away and give him a few weeks of peace. Without major efforts, its performance and profitability will be at the top throughout the month of October.


Sagittarius. Source: spm

For the sign of Sagittarius, October will also be synonymous with luck. When it comes to work, this Fire sign will be able to showcase their many talents and reach new heights. Thus, he will be able to seize a golden opportunity that will allow him to improve the reputation of his company. If he is crowned with success in October, this is also thanks to Venus and the Sun in Libra, which provide him with flexibility and harmony in his relationships with colleagues and clients. As a bonus, he will be offered a salary increase or a large bonus. Since then, Sagittarius will feel more ready than ever to take on new tasks and set new goals. Motivation and conviction will appear in everything he does between now and the end of the month. On a personal level, this zodiac sign will be able to better present itself in the future and fulfill an old dream. However, he will have to remain cautious in order to maintain his financial balance.

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