Leave the cucumber peel on the balcony, everyone does it: the reason is great

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To reduce waste, consider recycling the peels of fruits and vegetables. For this purpose, peeling cucumbers will be very useful to you.

What is the point of putting cucumber peels on the balcony railing?

cucumber peels

Cucumber peels. Source: spm

If wasps bother you and prevent you from sitting quietly on your balcony, consider the option. In fact, acid base Effectively repels these insects. To do this, put cucumber peels on the railing. Note that you can also use this trick in your garden. Just put cucumber slices on the patio table, to enjoy your mealwithout disturbance.


wasp. Source: spm

In addition to repelling wasps, cucumber is an effective insect repellent To hunt gastropods. In fact, cucumber peels are used in the garden along with aluminum foil to repel slugs and snails. In fact, the combination of these two components makes it possible It releases a scent that repels these pests. Likewise, if these gastropods invade your potted plants, you can Place the cucumber peels on pieces of aluminum foil nearby. In addition, this trick will also repel cockroaches.

What other peels help repel pests?

Lemon peels are very useful in repelling ants. For this, keep them on their way, until they come back. Moreover, they Allowtry too Protect plants from slugs. On the other handAnd the Banana peels can also be a good pest repellent. They keep aphids and small insects away. To do this, simply immerse the banana peels in boiling water for 10 minutes. Then transfer this solution to a spray bottle. Spray it on infected plants. To repel mosquitoes and flies, also consider using orange peel. these insects She fears the smell of citrus. So remember to soak orange peels in boiling water, the steam that will be emitted will repel these parasites immediately.

Note that in addition to repelling parasites and pests, fruit and vegetable peels have other benefits. In fact, they can be used in compost. The latter is a natural fertilizer, consisting of a fermented mixture of mineral substances and organic debris, To enrich and fertilize the soil. Fruit and vegetable peels are organic materials that are very rich in nutrients, which will benefit your plants as much as possible.

To make a good compost, mix brown waste, such as dead twigs and leaves, with green waste such as weeds and wilted flowers, not forgetting to add vegetable and fruit peels. Thus, You will be able to balance your compost. during decomposition, It will gradually release the nutrients needed for the proper growth of your plants.

With cucumber peels, you’ll be able to keep wasps, slugs, and snails out in order to take full advantage of the view your balcony can provide.

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