brake squeak? They are not necessarily worn, the repair is simple and costs nothing

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One of the most common habits of motorists is to listen carefully to see if their car is making suspicious noises. A gesture justified by concern about the possibility of unpleasant surprises. At the slightest noise, we tend to It is directly suspected that there is a problem at the level brake pedals. If so, rest assured, the problem may be less serious and costly than expected.

Car brake disc check

Checking car brake discs – Source: spm

Why do brake pads beep and how is the problem solved?

The problem has nothing to do with any brake pad replacement, which are usually very expensive. Before going straight to the garage, Know that solving the problem can be much easier:

What you need to know in advance about brake pads

When installing new brake pads, these Need to adapt to the shape of the discs. An intrusion period is necessary before they can reach their maximum efficiency which is generally between 300 km and 500 km. Also, if these pads are not fitted well enough, they may start wheezing after this intrusion period has passed.

car brake

Car brakes – Source: spm

So it is possible that your mechanic lacks accuracy when repairing your vehicle. It is already possible that he forgot to remove Dust and rust residue on brake discs. Thus, optimal contact between the new brake pads and the disc cannot be guaranteed.

What to do to prevent brake pad whistling

rusty disc

Rusty Disc – Source: spm

Good news, in principle you just have to perform Clean the brake pads to solve the problem. Optionally, you can also lubricate it. If you feel up to it, you can do a thorough cleaning after your vehicle has been safely lifted.

So you can get a specific product for brake discs as well as a metal brush. Start by removing the wheel and then select Sources of the problem, it can be dust or rust. Finally, apply the cleaning product to the brush for maintenance.

On the other hand, if the hissing continues even after cleaning the brakes, feel free to seek help from a mechanic who can identify the problem. You can also replace the cleaning product, With a mixture of water and baking soda, Perfect for dissolving rust. Whichever product you choose, simply apply it to a rag and wipe it over the parts that show signs of rust. After a few hours, rinse it off and enjoy the result.

It is also important to remember that there may be braking imbalance If one of your discs is damaged and the other is new. To avoid putting yourself at risk, consider making a change of pairs.

What could be the other reasons behind the brake whistling?

Also consider the origin of the brake whistle It can also be due to external factors.

In cold weather, frost can precipitate on brake pads and discs. for treatment, Feel free to drive for a few minutes at medium speed.

Another factor that can cause brake noise is the presence of foreign objects in the brake system. maybe you can be A piece of twig, leaf, or even a pebble. In such a case, it is better to remove the wheel and then the braking system to determine the thing in question. It can also be heavy dirt that can affect brake operation. Unless you are a mechanic at heart and have the right equipment, hiring a mechanic would be the wisest decision to consider.

With these tips in mind, emergency braking will no longer pose a risk because you will previously check the good condition of your brake pads. Of course, it is always recommended to go to your mechanic to be sure.

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