After the birth of her thirteenth child, this is what she gets from the family allowance

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But this mom who just gave birth is 13 years oldThe tenth The child reaps additional benefits that are causing outrage in England, according to the British Daily Mail.

How much does Sheryl Broadham get in state-subsidized social benefits?

Sheryl Broadham

Sheryl Broadham. Source: spm

Sheryl Broadham is a young mother with many state-backed benefits. She will receive an average of €47,000 in family allowances per year for her 12 children. But the young woman who just gave birth is 13 years oldThe tenth The child must receive an additional allowance of about 720 euros and 3,360 euros as a tax credit. In fact, the state provides for the needs of this mother who lives at home and this is causing a lively debate in her country. She makes the front page of magazines and is invited on TV shows to tell her story and justify her position. With this extra load, you will benefit from additional assistance, much to the chagrin of the English. She even said on the TV show ‘Addicted Kids’. The young woman is especially talked about for her lavish lifestyle despite her requests for social assistance.

Who is Sheryl Broadham, this mother of thirteen children?

Sheryl Broadham and her partner

Sheryl Broadham and her companion. Source: spm

Sheryl Broadham is a 34-year-old English mum who is causing controversy in England because she has just given birth to 13The tenth The child and she receives social benefits in an exceptional amount. After breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, the young woman started a new story and announced that she was 12 weeks pregnant. She arouses indignation in England for her extraordinary pace of life. Sheryl Broadham has even been dubbed the “Queen of Benefits”. with this 13The tenth Baby, you know she will be able to increase her income. I have already reported spending nearly 1300 euros as a gift for his son’s birthday for 6 years. The latter was spoiled, among other things, with a quad fuel for about 500 euros. The young woman who says she is “addicted” to children was going to have her first child when she was still a minor, at 17, while she was living in a homeless shelter. Then she moved in with her first boyfriend with whom she had 3 children, then 3 more unplanned pregnancies and then with her husband, first three children, then twins, and finally the youngest.

Why Cheryl Broddam raises anger among the English?

Cheryl and her children

Cheryl and her children. Source: spm

Cheryl Broadham causes anger over her family and the economic situation. Indeed, despite her requests for social assistance, the young woman led a semi-luxury lifestyle. She almost went to jail after funding a luxury vacation in Spain with 9 of his sons with the stolen money. She would have spent more than 2,200 euros on her children and her partner. She allegedly used this money from the salary that her ex-husband stole while he was working at Meteo Parking Ltd. Cheryl Broadham was given a 4-month suspended sentence of 2 years and her ex-husband for 14 months.

Who can benefit from family benefits in France like in the case of Cheryl Broadham?

In France, family allowances support parents in the education of their children, from birth to the age of twenty. As conveyed by the website, you can take advantage of several different suits from 1Verse kid then 2The tenth And so on if you have other children. Depending on the parents’ income, they are entitled to family-specific assistance to take care of their children or their children, but also to cover expenses related to childbirth.

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