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The coming days will be difficult for the children of 3 astrological signs. The retrograde of Uranus and Mercury would not be without effects on these natives of the constellations. Their financial situation will be negatively affected by this planetary movement. In fact, they can experience significant financial losses. Find out the three zodiac signs that are at risk of losing money in the next few days.

Over the next few days, financial problems are likely to fall on the natives of the three signs of the zodiac. The energy of Uranus and Mercury will be unfavorable to them. They may encounter work-related problems that result in the loss of large amounts of money.

What zodiac signs are at risk of losing money in the next few days?

The retrograde of Uranus began on August 24 and will continue until January 22, 2023. When the planet of rebellion moves, it brings instability. We can even experience unpredictable events, for which we are not prepared. The decline of Uranus also brings changes. After that, Mercury continues its retrograde motion until October 2. This movement of the planets often portends accidents and problems in our lives. However, 3 zodiac signs will be particularly affected by this star formation.

Capricorn lose money

Capricorn. Source: spm

Capricorn’s financial situation may be complicated for the next few days. His desire to control everything and succeed in everything he does may lead him to make poor choices at work. It might be his arrogance as well Involve him in projects beyond him, But his desire to shine at all costs will prevent him from being rational. The decline of Uranus will not help matters. this planet It can cause him a huge loss of money. Capricorn will then have to redouble its efforts to save the day. Having said that, the stars advise the citizen of this sign, over the coming days, to abandon the ballast, to abandon his desire to control everything, in order to better improve his projects.

Aquarius lose money

Aquarius. Source: spm

A native of this sign will have difficulties in business. He will lack the financial means to advance his business. Thus his projects will be banned, She will struggle to meet her commitments and meet her deadlines. Mystery and suspicion will conquer Aquarius, who will not know how to solve the situation. Mercury retrograde won’t make things easier. Indeed, over the next few days, the native of this sign may face unexpected expenses. Which will further damage its financial position. He might even miss a deal Which will lead to the loss of a large amount of money. Significant financial losses will disturb the peace of mind of Aquarius in the coming days.

money loss fish

Pisces. Source: spm

This water sign will feel very unsettled over the coming days. Trapped between two fires, Pisces won’t know how to open up sensitive situations that they will know at work. He might even make bad choices. Which will greatly affect its financial position. Furthermore, despite being creative and imaginative, Pisces find it difficult to break out of their comfort zone. Thus, he does not always manage to dare to find bolder solutions and think outside the box to reveal a sensitive situation. Despite their highly developed intuition, Pisces will find it difficult to anticipate some complications. Because of the delays and obstacles that his projects will encounter, the home of this sign risk of significant financial losses, Which disturbs his calculations.

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