This is the purpose of the horizontal stripes on the rear window of the car

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In almost all modern vehicles, there are a number of functions that make driving easier. Motorists can now rely on many tools, both mechanical and technological, to drive in the best possible conditions.

What is the marking on the rear window of the car?

Just like the windshield, the rear window plays a key role in providing the driver with a wider field of view. It is also necessary to perform the reverse maneuver. Completing the role of mirrors, this component enables the reduction of accidents associated with blind spots. Made of tempered glass or laminated glass depending on the model of the car, there are often high-resolution horizontal stripes. Here’s its benefit.

  • Horizontal lines on the rear window of the car Integrated heating system

rear window

rear window. Source: spm

When the cold returns in winter, the air inside the passenger compartment is often warmer than the air outside. Thus moisture may appear on the interior windows, particularly on the rear window. This often comes in the form of fog or frost that can obstruct your vision on the road. Unlike the windshield, which can receive hot air, the rear window has an integrated heating system. This is in the form of horizontal lines. These actually hide very fine threads that are inserted between the different layers of the laminated glass. These conductive wires emit heat to remove fog and frost on the glass. However, it will take a few minutes for the heat to take effect. To activate this function, simply press the defroster button, the icon of which is in the form of a rectangular window with arrows.

Other tips for defrosting car windows

In addition to the built-in function, there are other equally effective ways to effectively remove frost from car windows. These simple, natural products will save you time when your defrost system isn’t working properly or when you’re in a hurry.

  • Defrost car windows with alcohol solution

Windshield defrosting solution

Windshield defrosting solution. Source: spm

There is nothing more dangerous than driving with limited vision. for treatment, You can make your own de-icer by mixing one-third of the alcohol with two-thirds of the water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle before adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid. By doing this, the alcohol will allow the solution to maintain a good temperature. Spray the glass with the mixture and let it run.

  • Use white vinegar to defrost car windows

It is possible to defrost a car’s rear window or any other glass surface using a natural product. Simply mix a little warm water and three cups of white vinegar in a bowl. Dip a soft cloth or microfiber cloth in this mixture and gently wring it out. Then wipe the back screen, windshield, or windows and let it dry.

  • Defrost car windows with cat litter

letter box

Letter box. Source: spm

Another solution is to use cat litter to prevent frost buildup on car windows. To do this, fill a sock with cat litter and put it inside the car. By doing this, the litter will be able to absorb moisture and prevent it from reappearing in the passenger compartment.

The horizontal stripes on the rear window are actually very useful for getting rid of fog and getting rid of frost. When the defroster button does not work or you notice any other malfunction, it is always possible to activate the option of air conditioning that will cool the passenger compartment and remove excess moisture.

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