October is going to be awful for these three zodiac signs: nothing is going right

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With the Sun in Libra, representatives of these signs can enter into some conflicts and lose a foothold in their relationships with others. It would be a good time to sort out and end some friendships.

What Zodiac Signs Will You Struggle In October?

These zodiac signs will see some turmoil during this Libra season. They are likely to reconsider their goals and engage in soul-searching. In love, Libra strives to find balance as it is ruled by Venus. she It can encourage them to avoid some conflicts. This new course is also suitable for residents of these marks Ask the right questions And make some life changes in October.


Cancer horoscope sign

Cancer sign. Source: spm

Cancer will likely be battling in October as they may have issues connecting to the season of Libra. They will be overwhelmed by this energy of this Air sign and they will have to question everything. With Mercury retrograde in Libra until early October, Cancer residents It will be increasingly slow to work and not as productive as usual. They will have to learn to listen to their bodies and their deepest desires in order to take care of them. Cancers can also turn to their intuition, which can help them find a new path during October. They will also have conflicts with certain members of their family and may cut ties with certain people. Mercury in Libra invites you to find balance in their relationships and aims for peace.



Virgo. Source: spm

Virgos will experience major life changes in October. This month will be a turning point in their lives. They will have a hard time To express their feelings in their romantic relationship which gradually fades away. The connections will not be there and you will feel the tensions more and more throughout the month of October. Virgos could experience a breakup that would upset them. This will cause severe pain that will revive some long-buried wounds. However, Libra season calls for avoiding conflicts Ask yourself and find solutions to improve.



Capricorn. Source: spm

Residents of this Earth sign will also experience major changes in their lives in October. Capricorn will have some problems with their partner and they will not be able to solve all their problems. With this Libra season, they will do everything to find a new balance for They maintain their relationship but will face some pitfalls. At work, they will also encounter some difficulties. This unpleasant situation can make them want to change jobs and start asking to resign. Capricorns can get carried away by their emotions and must remain vigilant in order to make the right decisions. They need to let Libra season do its job and Capricorns may be on a new path with their partner.

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