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Limestone faucet filter? Do not use chemicals, this natural product is more effective

Did you know you can have faucets like new using natural ingredients? You can get rid of white deposits using a simple and effective technique.

How to remove scale deposits from tap filters?

Quick limestone can be responsible for white and unsightly sediments. This also affects tap filters Where plural lime. These dark circles can be hard to disappear, even with synthetic cleaning products. Fortunately, it is possible to remove scale from faucet filters using a completely natural method. For the results to be optimal, it will be necessary to carry out regular cleaning with these ecological products.

If your faucet filters show traces of limestone or scale deposits, this could eventually affect your pipes. For this reason, it is important to clean the faucets regularly, whether they are in the bathroom or the kitchen. Using environmentally friendly ingredients Your faucets will regain all their functionality. Particular credit goes to white vinegar, which is a powerful, naturally occurring and inexpensive descaling agent that can fight these mineral deposits. It will help you overcome scales that can build up in faucet filters.

Faucet with impurities. Source: spm

How do you clean the faucet filter?

To get rid of scales on this part of the fitting, begin by loosening the filter to use as little force as possible. Once the faucet is unscrewed, remove any visible dirt and immerse the aerator in A mixture of hot water and white vinegar overnight. This procedure will effectively fight against the existing tartar. After drying the part with a microfiber cloth, reassemble the faucet and test the water flow to make sure it is flowing correctly. To prevent lime deposition, repeat the process once a month. So here’s an easy-to-perform natural anti-calc treatment.

The solution to fight limescale. Source: spm

How do you remove scale from the tap?

To combat the limestone attacking your faucets, white vinegar will once again be your best ally. Start by heating a cup of white vinegar. Next, take a sheet or even two sheets of tissue paper and dip it in hot white vinegar, remembering to soak it well. Put the wet paper on the faucet and leave it on overnight. To finish, just scrub vigorously with an old toothbrush. The white and unsightly sediment will be gone and your faucets will have all their splendor!

Remove lime deposits. Source: spm

Citric acid, an alternative solution to limestone on tap

To clean the tap on the surface and remove any limescale deposits, you can also use citric acid. An element that allows deep descaling. Just mix 1 tablespoon of citric acid with a little water to get a homogeneous paste. Put it on the taps and wait for an hour. Using a toothbrush or microfiber cloth, scrub and rinse the surface.

To combat scales caused by limestone on faucets, no chemical or harmful products are needed. You can fight limescale and limescale by using natural products, such as white vinegar.

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