Here’s how to save a phone dropped in water: it will save you from buying another phone

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There are many scenarios where the phone ends up drinking the cup. Jumping into the pool with the phone in the shirt pocket, washing your clothes while forgetting the smartphone inside or spilling a drink on the screen of the device are all circumstances that lead us to imagine the worst. But before you give up your phone or spend several dollars on repairs, think first All operations that will save him.

The phone fell into the water

Phone fell in water – Source: spm

How do you save a cell phone that fell in water?

You don’t have to worry because dropping your smartphone in the water It does not necessarily mean an irreversible loss. Here are all the ways you can try to save:

Take it out of the water right away

Let’s start with the most important gesture. A situation like this requires you to be responsive by getting your phone out of the water as quickly as possible. If your smartphone is waterproof enough, it will have a better chance of being water resistant. whatever, The device must be caught within the first two seconds after dropping into the water.

A glass of water spilled on the smartphone

A glass of water spilled on a smartphone – Source: spm

Turn off the phone immediately

Once the phone is out, that will be important to turn it off immediately. This tamper will prevent any short circuit that could damage your hardware components.

broken phone

If you have a phone with a removable battery, make sure to remove it along with the sim card and memory cards. The same goes for the accessories, such as the case, case and pen, if any. Wipe a rag over each of these items to remove all water residue.

shake your phone

You will then have to get rid of all the water that has crept into the ports, gaps in the side buttons and the socket outlet. Gently shake your phone and then gently rub it with a dry cloth or paper towels to absorb the water on the outside surface.

Use rice to save your phone

rice phone method

Rice phone method – Source: spm

You’ve likely heard of the rice technique before, and although it seems unlikely, it works more than you think. Of course, it is important to specify that it does not work every time, but you can still try this trick Before you decide to spend a fortune on repairs.

Pour the uncooked rice into an airtight bag or box, then insert your phone. Close the bowl of rice and store it in a dry place. Then let the rice absorbent power run for a whole day or even two days without a second thought to check if your phone is working or not. must anyway Restore its functionality through no files very suffered damage.

Some points to clarify if your phone is immersed in water

Keep in mind that these tips It does not guarantee the survival of your phone. Moreover, if they are not completely satisfied, you can always go to the service center dedicated to the brand of your phone. On-site professionals will be better equipped to assess the damage to your phone. Also note that damage from water or other liquid is generally not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Get a protective cover for your phone

To prevent your phone from getting wet in the future, you can always have it on Waterproof protective cover for mobile phone. It will be effective if you You go to the pool or even the beach. It is a more practical extension because it has a transparent viewing window so that you can refer to your notifications among other things.

In any case, care must be taken to avoid this kind of situation that could cost your smartphone its life.

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