Can you find the face of a young woman in this optical illusion? You have 15 seconds to complete the challenge

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This illustration from the 1880s represents a rose. But inside this rose hides the face of a woman. Check if you can find this face in just 15 seconds. Are you ready to take on this challenge?

Can you find a girl’s face in this optical illusion drawing?

Be careful, you only have 15 seconds to complete this challenge!

  • Here’s an optical illusion picture

challenge picture

Challenge picture. Source: spm

At first glance, this picture depicts a rose painted in antique style. But inside this picture hides a face.

Little hint: To find it, you have to look at the picture from different angles. This challenge is an opportunity to test your ability to focus. To do this, sit in a quiet place to answer this test, With respect to the time limit.

  • The answer to optical illusion

If the 15 seconds are up, but you’re still having trouble finding that infamous face, here’s how to do it. As suggested above, the only way to find this face It is the heart of the image.Then direct your eyes to the petals on the left side. You’ll see inside the flower, a petal outlining a woman’s face upside down, looking to the left. The petal shape is the girl’s eye, nose and mouth.

Here is the answer to this optical illusion challenge.

Optical Illusion Challenge Answer-gigapixel-art-scale-1_00x

Answer the optical illusion challenge. Source: spm

After this challenge, you can see how An image can fool your mind. Through combinations of colors, patterns, or even lights, optical illusions trick your perception into perceiving something that isn’t necessarily there. In other cases, we may miss or miss something or a detail present in the photo.

Another example of optical illusion


Drawing “My wife and mother-in-law”. Source: spm

One of the most famous optical illusions is this drawing entitled “My Wife and Mother-in-law”, by William Eli Hill, an American cartoonist. In this drawing we can see Two characters on the same face.Some people may, at first glance, see the face of an old woman with a hooked chin, while others see the upturned face of a young woman instead. The old woman’s domed nose is actually the face of the young woman. According to an Australian study, Our perception of the face is affected by our age. The experiment conducted showed that young people will see a girl’s face while older people tend to see an old woman’s face.

In addition to optical illusions, if you want to challenge your mind and develop your focus, but also your insight, you can also pulls your with visual puzzles, or logic puzzles. These games are excellent for entertainment and boredom breakers for children and adults. They also allow to stimulate the brain. Not forgetting that these games also challenge our speed and skill, because the time factor should not be neglected.

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