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Why should you always have shaving foam in your glove box? The thing that avoids a lot of trouble

Everyone knows that a car needs maintenance to prevent any potential trouble. In the following lines, we will explain to you how to overcome a recurring problem with a daily product. Thanks to the latter, Your car windows will thank you.

car windshield – source: spm

This product will get rid of a problem in your car windows

What if we told you that you could take care of an important component in your car with a simple shaving cream? Thanks so you can Remove dirt and grime Even the fog. will be useful, Especially in the winter when the fog appears on the windows. All you have to do is keep it close at hand, by storing it in the glove compartment of your car.

Shaving foam – Source: spm

A car with foggy windows will prevent us from seeing anything. In this type of situation, it will be necessary to respond quickly with shaving foam in particular. You spray this product sparingly on car windows Prevent fog formation. If it works well, it’s because the foam is made up of surfactants, substances that are able to hold water molecules by preventing them from sticking to windows. Also consider using a soft, lint-free cloth when applying this product.

Remember to put the foam on the rear window, side windows, as well as on the windshield. A reaction to its adoption during periods of extreme cold and more specifically during the winter months.

Needless to say, having window mist increases the risk of an accident, by limiting the driver’s vision and obstruction. Therefore, remember to maintain your vehicle regularly.

What other surfaces can you use shaving cream on?

Shaving foam and badger – Source: spm

Shaving foam not only defogs car windows, but can also be used on faulty windows and mirrors. But its effectiveness does not stop there! In fact, shaving foam can surprise you. Guide :

Clean the oven with shaving foam

Your oven is dirty and you only have shaving foam on hand? This is more than enough. Progressing A little of this product on a spongeThen rub it on the oven dishes. Finally, use clear water to make it shine.

If your oven is dirtier than you imagine, spread a layer over the entire surface of the oven, then let it run for a few minutes Before rubbing it with a scraper sponge. Then rinse with clean water. Feel free to repeat the process if necessary.

Clean your carpet with shaving foam

Spot on the rug? Don’t panic, apply shaving foam to the affected area and let it act for a few minutes, then rinse with clear water. Finally, feel free to Give her a good vacuum.

Note that shaving foam can also remove stains from the sofa.

Use shaving foam to stop the door creaking

The annoying door is annoying and annoying. To overcome this problem, use shaving foam At the level of the hinges responsible for this annoying noise, using a paper towel. Feel free to move the door a few times until the foam penetrates well. Later you will be able to notice that these intense sounds have disappeared.

Economical and practical shaving foam is beneficial for you in many ways, including overcoming the problems that you encounter in everyday life.

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