Why put a steel wool sponge once a month in the washing machine? The smart trick that changes everything

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When shopping at the supermarket, most people regularly spend huge budget on household products. However, there are some interesting alternatives to save some money and clean the house properly without using harsh environmentally friendly materials. From time to time it is customary to use the natural and multifunctional products that we already have. Among them, two main products stand out: baking soda and white vinegar. You can count on them to find dirt in every corner of the house, even the ones that get stuck in your household appliances like your washing machine. You also have very practical cleaning accessories at home that you wouldn’t suspect of their versatility, like wire sponges, which are not only used to make your dishes sparkle.

Wire sponge for washing machine cleaning

Wire brush

Wire brush – Source: spm

I used to scrub the washing machine drum vigorously with a brush. For once, try this less tedious trick: In fact, you can clean it a little differently, using a wire sponge. The same thing you use daily to wash dishes and remove tough stains. This multi-purpose object is famous for its powerful cleaning capabilities: it can be used to clean pots, walls, oven plates, etc. What you didn’t know is that these sponges are very useful for cleaning your washing machine drum. Combined with baking soda, this unexpected duo will completely eliminate all the leftover dirt and odors that perfume the interior. The drum will be shiny and get rid of all impurities!

instructions Pour approximately 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda directly into the (empty) washer drum and dip a metal sponge into it. Run any washing programme. After 15 minutes, stop the washing machine, remove the sponge, close the door, and let the washing program finish naturally.

This mineral sponge, combined with baking soda, captures unpleasant odors from the washing machine and effectively cleans the drum. After applying this trick, you will quickly notice that your laundry is clean and fresh!

Use the power of vinegar

After a while, with wear and sometimes excessive use of detergent, the smell of the washing machine begins to stink, hence the unpleasant unpleasant smell that you sometimes smell in your clothes that have just been washed. No wonder: not only do detergent and fabric softener residue build up inside the drum, but also in the drain hose and in some areas you don’t even notice. Also, to give your washing machine a good cleaning opportunity, you have to bet on the disinfecting, degreasing and deodorizing efficacy of white vinegar and baking soda.

instructions : Pour a cup of vinegar into the fabric softener compartment and a cup of baking powder into the other compartment. To improve the cleaning effect, also add two cups of vinegar inside the drum. Finally, set the washing machine to the highest setting, select the longest wash cycle and run the washer empty.

Once the washer starts rinsing, stop it. It is best to leave the water overnight or at least a few hours for the vinegar and baking soda to work effectively. After this time, restart the device and let it drain. You will then be happy to see that your washing machine has undergone a surprise facelift!

Don’t forget to clean the detergent drawer!

Washing machine in the bathroom

Washing machine in the bathroom – Source: spm

Since it regularly absorbs all kinds of powders and liquids, it is necessary to take special care of the detergent drawer. To be able to remove this drawer without damaging it, you will have all the necessary instructions in your washer’s user manual. As a general rule, most washing machines have a plastic hook around the tray, which must be pressed to remove it more easily without making a mess.

To wash them carefully, use boiling water and pass a sponge moistened with white vinegar. If it’s really dirty or you even notice mold, insist more on scrubbing and scrub it well in all corners, until it’s completely clean.

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