WhatsApp: The trick to block group invites on WhatsApp without anyone knowing

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WhatsApp Messenger shares many features to ensure that its users have an enjoyable experience on the platform. For example, if you want to change your settings to ensure your security, just go to your privacy settings. If you want to block group invites you receive on the app, check out this trick.

What is the trick to block group invites on WhatsApp?


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With your smartphone, you have to use some instant messaging apps but WhatsApp is probably the most popular one. It allows you to call your contacts around the world. It provides you to create groups in order to exchange with many contacts at the same time and you can also Change your privacy settings to make you feel more secure. WhatsApp Messenger also provides solutions to use the app with complete peace of mind. And if you want to block certain group invites on WhatsApp, here is a trick to do so.

  • Change your WhatsApp settings to block group invites


WhatsApp application. Source: spm

Over time, it can be hard to find yourself on the app with all these contacts keeping up with your daily activity, especially with group chats and invites arriving late. To correct this, you can go to your privacy settings to block some of these invitations. Go to your WhatsApp settings and go to “Account” then to “Privacy” and go to “Group”. In the “Group” menu, you can choose who can add you to these discussion groups and block some of your contacts.

Thus you can choose certain options in the app to manage group invitations on WhatsApp.

  • ‘My Contacts’ option on WhatsApp

In the ‘Group’ menu, you will see the ‘Contacts’ option which allows the users you have added in your contacts to invite you to these discussion groups. This means that you will only be invited by people you already know. By selecting this option, you prevent access to all people who are not in your contact list.

  • ‘My contacts except…’ option on WhatsApp

By selecting this option in the “Group” menu in your privacy settings, you can block certain people from your contact list. So you can It saves you unwanted calls from unwanted people. However, this option will be valid for your future invitations on WhatsApp but if you are already part of a group started by someone in your contacts or that you don’t know, you will always be in the separate group if you wish. .

How do I leave a group on WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp application. Source: spm

To leave a group on WhatsApp, you must go to the chat settings. Open the relevant chat and tap on the little dots on the top right of your smartphone screen. Then tap on Leave Group.

You can also leave the chat quietly by muting notifications. To do this, click on the little dots at the top right of the screen and tap on Silent Notifications.

Now that you know this trick to block contacts and stop receiving unwanted invites, you will have a more positive WhatsApp experience.

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