These three areas in the bathroom are full of bacteria: many forget to clean them

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With the regular cleaning of the bathroom, daily hygiene is ensured in this room used all day long. But some neglected or hard-to-reach places can be breeding grounds for bacteria.

What are his forgotten areas of the bathroom?

Some forgotten or inaccessible places in the bathroom can become a breeding ground for bacteria over time.

  • bathroom ventilation system

bathroom fan

Bathroom fan – Source: spm

The first place you forget to clean in your bathroom is the ventilation system. Useful for circulating the air inside the bathroom, to get rid of unpleasant odors and moisture as well, The aerator can be easily converted into a haven for bacteria If it is not well maintained. Before cleaning, turn off the power. Then unscrew the mounting bolts, freeing part of the ventilation duct. By removing the engine block you will have easier access to the fan blades. Using a knife, remove large dust particles. Then use a damp toothbrush with washing up liquid and white vinegar to clean and disinfect. Wipe and let dry, then put all ingredients back into place. It is also recommended to regularly vacuum the aerator to remove dust that can clog the motor.

  • bathroom accessories

bathroom accessories

bathroom accessories – source: spm

When cleaning the bathroom, you may forget to clean some accessories like soap dish, bottles, cups, and other beauty products. Toothbrushes are among the most conducive to bacteria growth, Medisite magazine points out. They should then be rinsed with hot water and dried after each use. The moisture in her hair can be a potential nest for fungi and bacteria.

  • bathroom toilet bottom

WC 002

Toilets – Source: spm

Not everyone cleans the toilet completely. However, bacteria and germs can build up especially on the bottom of the toilet. So, if you are cleaning the bowl, don’t forget to disinfect the bottom of the toilet as well as the interior and exterior walls. To do this, heat a little white vinegar and then add coarse salt. Then apply the mixture to the toilet, the back and even the bottom of the toilet. Leave it on overnight and then wipe it with a damp cloth to finish cleaning.

Many places help bacteria develop in the bathroom. Therefore, regular cleaning and disinfection is essential to reduce the risk of contamination.

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