Searching for unwanted phone sounds: How do you block them once and for all?

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If you are one of them and tired of being bothered, find out today how to block these business calls by following these simple yet effective steps!

Block number: automatic solutions

Manual call blocking can get boring after a while. Fortunately, there are automatic methods that can filter calls. Let’s find out:

  • Block a number on your mobile phone

If you have an Android phone, you can turn to the “Google Phone” app available in the Play Store.

With its option to “Filter and automatically reject calls”, this web giant’s app Detect calls that may disturb you and ban them Whether the number is saved in Google’s spam database.

If you have an iPhone, the “Truecaller” and “Avira Mobile Security” apps work the same way, i.e. to filter unwanted commercial calls. Otherwise, for those who absolutely do not want to answer anonymous calls, the option “Silent call from strangers” can be configured in the Settings section in iOS 13. It allows you to Forward numbers not in your directory as such suspicious numbers Directly to your answering machine.

sales call

work phone call. Source: spm

  • Block calls to voicemail or landline

If you receive an unwanted call from an instant messaging application such as “WhatsApp”, “Viber” or “Messenger”, block the number and report it to the respective application.

Finally, if telemarketers do not hesitate to contact you on their landline, go to the site: and Add The number concerned to the menu block » for the purpose of No longer contacted for any commercial vote.

Angry man after a business call

Angry man after a business call. Source: spm

  • Call blocking: How to sign up for free on Bloctel?

1. Go to the Bloctel website.

2. Click “Block my number, I’m creating my Bloctel account”.

3. A model appears. Fill it in with your personal data.

4. Click on Form Validation, once you have entered all the information.

5. Click on the link in the email to validate your registration.

6. An email to confirm your registration will be sent to you. Just in case, check your spam.

7. Your phone number(s) will then be entered into the “Bloctel” list. Now go back 30 days to not be contacted by companies that respect this applicable law.

NB: This free option is not always effective. In fact, some companies have finally had access to their own “buyer persona”.

  • Block intrusive calls by subscribing to red and amber lists

In France, as in many countries, telephone companies make it possible for their customers to register for free in an opposition list. In principle, there are two types of lists: the red list and the orange list.

In blacklist, your phone details will not appear in any directory, list of users, subscribers, etc. However, your phone number can be accessed from directories, by selecting the orange menu. However, the latter does not allow it to be transferred to companies for Check the reasons.

To subscribe to one of these two lists, go to the nearest branch of your telephone operator or contact customer service directly by phone.

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