Put a pencil under your pillow: this is the most effective solution against this problem

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Some everyday items can easily be turned into practical and extraordinary things. Such is the case with the pencil, which can make your daily life easier by showing a little imagination. The latter can be used to tie his hair or to decorate a frame. And that’s not all, it can also be useful during sleep.

So why do we put a pencil under the pillow before bed?

Very few people know this, but having a pencil at your disposal at night can be very useful. Although it may sound strange, this unusual gesture can help you during an important stage of your daily life, which is sleep.

  • The pencil under the pillow, a technology to save dreams

save a dream

Save a dream. Source: spm

A pencil and a small notebook under the pillow or on the bedside table will be the best way to save your dreams. So, Just jot down a word or two in your dream journal. It will help you recover small details when you wake up. Of course, this technique can only be performed if you wake up in the middle of the night. Before leaving your bed, take the time to visualize your dream, the images can come back to you little by little and allow you to relive each sequence. Feel free to write down everything that comes to your mind in order to interpret your dream later.

Before writing your dreams in pencil, follow these few helpful gestures

Dream interpretation can be a great tool for self-knowledge. Some people can remember their dreams in great detail. On the contrary, others can forget everything in their sleep. Besides pencil technique, there are many ways to trace your dreams.

person lying in bed

A person lying on a bed. Source: spm

Use your subconscious mind to save your dreams It is an important step. As Dr. Bernard Mirande, a psychologist and dream therapist interviewed by L’Express, pointed out, according to him, it is necessary to show the will to restore the memory of one or more dreams. Before going to bed, it is possible to give the command to your subconscious mind to memorize the main facts. It works in some cases.

If the first technique is not enough, it is recommended Meditation before bed. The best thing you can do is relax before bed by taking long, deep breaths. For this, feel free to adopt a lying or yoga pose. It is also helpful to focus on something for a few minutes. This technology allows you to get into your home, thus working on your memory.

After writing your dreams in pencil, interpret them!

Representation of freedom and imagination

Representing Freedom and Imagination – Source: spm

In every culture, a dream constitutes a sign sent from the universe or the gods that it is best understood in order to better understand one’s future. in western culture It’s a signal our brain sends to have a better self-knowledge. Freud defines it as “a royal path that leads to knowledge of the unconscious in psychic life”. For Fritz Perls and Erich Fromm, founders of Gestalt therapy, dreams are a way of revealing what we cannot express openly.

After you have included your night movie in your notebook, it is important to take in every relevant element of your dream (the different people and situations) in order to establish a connection with your present life. Then write your answers, based on the above items, ask yourself the following question: “If this character, this situation or this thing were part of me, what would it be? By doing this, you will be able to make a thorough reading of your dream and draw conclusions.

Dreams are often interesting, sometimes funny and frightening. Certain memorization techniques can help you get to know them better. However, given the complexity of this universe, it is best to get help from a professional to do an in-depth reading and get more details.

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