After she was betrayed by her Facebook posts, CAF should compensate 25,000 euros

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If you are used to being on social networks, you know that it is almost impossible not to share parts of your life with your subscribers. Without realizing it, you are sharing a lot of personal information on your Facebook account or any other social network. This is what happened to this 50-year-old woman. In her recklessness, she posted about her personal life and it hurt her.

His personal status was revealed to the general public via social networks and CAF agents discovered deception by monitoring his Facebook account, as reported by the newspaper Ouest-France.

CAF fraud: woman must pay €25,000 to CAF

woman on facebook

woman on facebook. Source: spm

A 50-year-old single mom got caught up in her own game because of her Facebook account. She became a target of family welfare funds because she was declared a reclusive single mother. This dealer who lives in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department has, in fact, made a false declaration to CAF. Between 2014 and 2018, I was able to take advantage of it Social benefits totaling 25,000 euro. She took advantage of this situation for several years before the Family Relief Fund overran her.

family allowances

Family allowance funds. Source: spm

CAF discovered this scam thanks to this merchant’s Facebook account. In fact, this social institution was able to investigate the fraudster’s news feed and discovered the pink roses. Furthermore, this woman stated that she is celibate and isolated while she was actually living with a 45-year-old man. she had Posted all his life social on Social network accessible to everyone. Thanks to His posts and photos on Facebook, The Confederation of African Football was able to discover the true face of this person who claimed to have limited resources in order to benefit from many social benefits. In four years, this 50-year-old has benefited from €25,000 in total.

The 50-year-old admitted in court that she lied after being accused. The person with whom she lived in a concubine also declared himself complicit in this fraud to obtain social benefits. think they are in Financial insecurity Because they don’t get a big salary among themselves to provide for all their needs. The woman was fined 1,500 euros as her companion. After this deception, the spouses must also repay the full amount they received during these four years of the welfare scam. They have to pay €25,122, which corresponds to what they received wrongly.

For this woman, CAF analyzes your social networks to check your status

To check the status of certain people receiving social benefits, CAF has the right to check your social networks. In addition, she has the right to go and check the information that everyone can access for free, but the items she collected cannot be used alone for Full control over the beneficiary’s status. They simply have to complete other evidence collected from other social and banking organizations. However, these searches are boring because they are not automated at the moment.

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