5 Worst Of All Zodiac Signs According To Astrologers

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Everyone has their small flaws. On a daily basis, some people may display angry behavior, make hurtful remarks and appear insensitive. They often complicate situations that they shouldn’t be and make life difficult for those around them. This is the case of some signs, identified as the most “evil” in the zodiac.

So what are the worst zodiac signs?

Astrology identified the 5 most hated signs of the zodiac. however, This list should be taken with caution. Disadvantages that seem insurmountable for some can be considered an advantage for others and vice versa…

The scorpion

evil scorpion

The scorpion. Source: spm

It is not surprising that Scorpio is one of the “bad guys” in the zodiac. Beware of betraying his trust! This Water sign can be very upset and prickly. He often has trouble controlling his emotions. His anger can be fatal and his sarcastic remarks are crippling. Scorpios can also be mysterious, which can lead to a huge mistrust of them. However, his conservative side also makes him very attractive and irresistible. It is enough to know his deep nature to reveal the other side of his personality: emotional and lovable.


bad cancer

cancer. Source: spm

Cancer is known to hide behind its large shell. Although most of the time he is attentive, gentle, and caring, he can also be emotional. He can move from anger to negativity and change from moment to moment. As a friend, partner, or spouse, you will often find it difficult to understand their temperament. If he lets you into his heart, don’t hurt or disappoint him. He can take revenge in a very cruel way!


bad fish

Pisces. Source: spm

Pisces is very calm and attentive. Dreamy by nature, Pisces do not like to face reality, which can frustrate them at times. It is also very sensitive and can get irritated easily. It is a mystery that his thoughts are difficult to decipher and his silence can be heavy on a daily basis. This Water sign also has strong intuition, so he can use this skill to manipulate you.


Evil Capricorn

Capricorn. Source: spm

The negative side of Capricorn makes it one of the worst signs of the zodiac. Although determined and professional, this Earth sign can be very pessimistic, which can be frustrating for those around him. In addition to, Capricorn’s jealousy can take over many of his qualities. The success of others can greatly upset him. Striving to make it a goal to achieve could turn your life into hell.



Contracted and ambitious, Aries is ready to do anything to achieve their goals. He rushes recklessly and cannot question his decisions. No need to frustrate or slow it down, it will make you regret it bitterly. This fire sign can also be very angry and impulsive. Stubborn and explosive by nature, he can easily spoil your day over an unimportant matter. He also has this annoying tendency to criticize others without worrying about their reactions.

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