What is the three star button for Android phones?

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Over the years, Google Chrome has proven itself at the expense of many current Internet browsers. On a computer or phone, he is the one we simply prefer. We will give you a feature that sets it apart from others whose use might be alien to you.

As a smartphone user, we are constantly looking for the best user experience. In this regard, the principle of the Internet browser is It makes mobility as comfortable as possible. This is why Google is always trying to innovate by constantly introducing new features that are supposed to make our lives easier. This is the case of these three stars that we find in Google Chrome options and their functionality that we will tell you about in the following lines.

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What is the role of the three stars in the Google Chrome smartphone version?

Google Chrome browser has for some time introduced a very useful option that allows you to customize it to make it easier to use. We’ll show you how to use this feature to customize your toolbar on Google Chrome by adding a file Useful acronym Based on your usage habits.

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Steps to customize Google Chrome Toolbar Shortcut on Android

In order to create and Customize the shortcut In Google Chrome Toolbar on Android, just follow these few very simple steps.

Go to browser settings and then pull down the menu to go to advanced settings, located at the bottom of the page. Then click on Toolbar Shortcut, which will take you to the respective menu.

Now we see in the list, the icon is represented by the three blue stars. Here you can choose which function will appear on your toolbar. It can even be done That shortcut adapts to using your phone.

You may notice that you have the choice between several possibilities: the button to display a new tab, share a page, or perform a voice search. But what makes the “shortcut” function so interesting is the icon with three blue stars “according to your use”. By selecting it, Chrome’s algorithm determines which three other shortcuts you are most likely to use. This means that if you are used to sharing pages with your friends, It is recommended to use the “Share” shortcut.

The same goes for voice search. If you tend to use voice search, the “Voice Search” shortcut will be presented in the Google Chrome toolbar. Similarly, for the shortcut “New Tab”.

Other convenient details, when you return to a webpage, you can press the icon in the toolbar Then select “Edit Shortcut”. You can change the shortcut as you wish and choose the one that suits you best.

So this feature is an interesting addition that allows you to adapt to your toolbar.

Some other hidden features of Google Chrome on Android

To explore other features related to Google Chrome and make its use more enjoyable, it is always good to know more about it. Here are some other functions that are far from useless:

Chrome dark mode

Essentially an aesthetic function, but no less fun. The Google Chrome app on Android, like YouTube, Messenger or WhatsApp, has a dark theme that you can use as you wish. You can make use of it to rest your eyes or simply because you find it more beautiful. To do this, just go to Settings and then to Appearance. You can choose between “Light”, “Dark” and “System Default”.

Enable reading mode in Chrome

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A woman consulting her smartphone – Source: spm

In fact, the smartphone is not able to read all the websites for a good simple reason, They are not all optimized for the mobile version. However, it is possible to correct this thanks to a rather practical manipulation. In the search bar, type: chrome://flags and then in the search bar at the top left type “turn on reader mode”. Among the many options that appear, check out the one called “Using Article Structured Markup”. Restart Chrome and you will then be able to return to the page that was previously not viewable.

Feel free to take advantage of these features to make your user experience more enjoyable.

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