Should you pour the oil into a hot or cold frying pan? The details that make the difference

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Adding oil to the pan at the right time will save you some cooking disappointments. You will find the explanation in the following lines.

Add cooking oil to frying pan

Adding cooking oil to a frying pan – Source: spm

Why should cooking oil be poured into the pan in time?

We all have our kitchen habits and we keep perpetuating them because we think they are the best. But if you sometimes wonder why your dish does not taste the way you want it to, the problem may lie in a “trivial” but very important gesture: adding oil to the pan when cooking. And for good reason, one of the mistakes The most common thing in cooking is to pour oil into a frying pan that is still cold.

Cooking oil in a hot frying pan

Cooking oil in a hot frying pan – Source: spm

Pour the oil into the frying pan at the right time will allow Create the right reaction. This result is commonly called the “Mallard reaction”. Thanks to the latter, a beautiful golden “crust” will form on the surface of the food, giving it a crunchy appearance. Thus, when preparing a steak, the end of the meat will be firm on the outside and tender on the inside. We’re talking about perfect cooking here.

To achieve this cooking, consider That the pan is hot enough Before pouring the oil of your choice. But that’s not all, by pouring oil into a hot frying pan, you will also prevent food from sticking. Therefore, it is better to wait for the pan to heat up so that it is properly impregnated with oil in order to get an even cooking in the end. This is also how the oil acts as a protective barrier, facilitating the cooking process and improving the flavor of your dish.

Hand measures the temperature of a frying pan soaked in cooking oil

Hand measures the temperature of a frying pan soaked in cooking oil – Source: spm

At the same time, it is necessary to remember how important it is to keep the stoves clean.

How to successfully cook in a frying pan?

Many of us ignore the correct way to cook our food. If it is true that we managed to get delicious dishes, it is also necessary to know Cooking mastery For more “healthy” dishes. To achieve this, here are some tips.

It is most recommended to use an oil or fat suitable for the cooking method in question. You will have the choice between olive oil, sunflower oil, clarified butter, coconut oil or peanut oil. Sunflower oil is also an alternative but not recommended as it is not well balanced in omega-3 and omega-6.

The other trick is the quality of the pan used. Even to be of very high quality, you should keep this in mind Teflon It must not be damagedBecause it is harmful to your health. So avoid rough sponges when cleaning pans, as they may scratch them. On the subject, it will be life-saving to know how to repair non-stick pans.

On the other hand, to avoid also burn your food. It is always best to watch the cooking to prevent the dish from burning.

These tips are relatively easy to implement. What is certain is that they will allow you to get tastier and “healthy” dishes.

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